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Support WOMEN in the arts. Help a group of female artists get their show on the road across the North West & Yorkshire.

£1,003 raised of £1,100 stretch target 91 %
35 supporters 16:40 ends tomorrow
This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 4:40pm 25th September 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 4:40pm 25th September 2018

New stretch target

The extra money will enable us to take the show and a workshop to an over 65's community group in Greater Manchester. 

Thanks for taking the time to visit our page. Please check out our video above and find out more below…

So, what is it?

Two FEMALE producers along with a FEMALE director met with a FEMALE playwright and together they set out to create and produce a FEMALE story. Turns out, said playwright had a pretty remarkable family history made up of, you guessed it… incredible FEMALES!

We, at RedBobble Theatre aim to champion FEMALE IDENTIFYING ARTISTS. A year down the line and we’ve added a FEMALE graphic designer and a FEMALE set designer to the team!

‘If I Should Fall’ is brought to you by 6 FEMALE ARTISTS and 3 male artists. Sadly, this is pretty rare. Check out the statistics found by the wonderful Tonic Theatre, if you don’t believe us! http://www.tonictheatre-advance.co.uk/advance-2014/learning/#stats


The Autumn Tour

After a year of development, we now want to share our work with audiences across the north at the following theatre and community venues:

CAST, Doncaster

Oldham Library

Touchstones Museum, Rochdale

Sandon House, Heywood

Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax

Theatre Royal Wakefield

Fancy coming to see it? Ticket info here

We believe that EVERYONE deserves the opportunity to engage with theatre and we aim to take all of our work to hard to reach areas with low arts engagement



As well as being fans of all things FEMALE, we’re proud advocates for PARENTS IN THE ARTS (we have a 4 year old and another bun in the oven here at RedBobble HQ!) and so for this project we want to trial child friendly rehearsals.

OK, ok…so, what’s the play about?


‘If I Should Fall’ is written by Charlotte O'Leary and is based on ORIGINAL letters written from the Battle of the Somme and the TRUE story of one remarkable woman.

One house. One kitchen. One woman. Two world wars. 

Manchester, 1916 and Beattie is ahead of her time. A well read, bombastic adolescent with a talent for writing and a promising future. At sweet sixteen, Billy Glover is Beattie’s first love. They live in letters sent across the battlefield. 

Manchester, 1941 and Beattie like the rest of Britain, finds herself in another war. Only this time, she’s got a failing marriage and an ageing mother to contend with. Living in memories, amidst the bombing, rationing and village gossip, can Beattie survive and finally put old ghosts to rest?

A play about WOMEN, COMMUNITY, LOVE and LOSS. ‘If I Should Fall’ explores what it means to be at war, at home and away, then and now, asking the question… ‘have we changed at all?’

1535290341_Beattie.jpgThe real 'Beattie'

Where will your money go?

The total cost of the project is a whopping £27'286! This includes artist fees at basic Equity industry rates. 


Not only have we been successful with an Arts Council England bid for £14'986 but we've also managed to generate income and support in kind from our partners at Touchstones Museum Rochdale, CAST Doncaster, Oldham Library (Live@thelibrary), Square Chapel Arts Centre Halifax and Theatre Royal Wakefield as well as projecting tickets sales.

Then why are we crowdfunding? 

We were successful for an Arts Council England (ACE) grant in the ‘under £15’000’ category. In reality, creating and touring work costs more. ACE stipulate that applications must include at least 10% match funding from other sources. They're keen for artists to demonstrate that other organisations / people are also willing to invest in the work. Competition for grants has always been stiff (we’ve been successful 2 out of 5 attempts over 6 years) but none more so than now. It is an unfortunate fact that whilst an application may meet their criteria, there simply isn’t enough money for them to hand out to everyone. Baring this in mind, we wanted to increase our chances of success by aiming to match fund at least 45% and this meant making a commitment to raising some money ourselves.

If you are kind enough to donate, your money will help to cover the following costs:

  • Artists’ fees
  • Transport
  • Marketing
  • Set
  • Rehearsal room hire


What’s in it for you?

In becoming a financial backer of the project, you'll be pledging your support of FEMALE ARTISTS and FEMALE driven work. By supporting a group of emerging artists to develop their practice, you'll be contributing to the arts as a whole.

We also have some lovely rewards listed, including our beautiful limited edition postcard, pictured below! 

If you’ve connected with the work, its themes and ideas, or you know someone involved with the project, please SHARE with your friends and family. If you know of a small business that may be interested in purchasing some advertising space in our programme, please do pass on our page.

Are you a blogger or journalist or do you know anyone who is? We'd love to speak to you! Some press would greatly improve our chances of hitting our funding target. 

We understand that times are hard and that not everybody can donate. But a SHARE on social media can be worth a thousand hits!

A heartfelt THANK YOU for reading and for taking an interest in our project!

RedBobble Theatre & Charlotte O'Leary


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