#EUGreenCard to ring-fence status of #the5Million

by Roger Casale in London, Greater London, England


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An #EUGreenCard/#GreenCard4Europe would guarantee status and all the rights of #the5Million citizens whose lives are #InLimbo due to #Brexit

by Roger Casale in London, Greater London, England

New Europeans is an award-winning pro-European civil rights organisations which champions freedom of movement, the rights of EU citizens and the principle of solidarity in Europe. 

We have been campaigning for the last two years so secure a #GreenCard4Europe for #the5Million citizens (3.4m EU27citizens in the UK and 1.6m UK citizens in the EU) whose lives have been thrown into limbo since Brexit.

The lack of certainty about the future status and  future rights of EU citizens in the UK and Britons in Europe is causing huge distress and disrupting the life plans of hundreds of thousands of people. 

Many EU27 citizens have already left the UK and others are thinking of doing so. 

Joan (John in English), an EU27 citizen in the UK, told us:

"I'm a nurse and an award-winning NHS change-maker working to improve care for patients across the UK. I am also the father of three beautiful children. I feel scared about what will happen to my family and to me when Britain leaves the EU. I am worried about my kids’ education and our access to healthcare. I feel insecure about my long term rights to stay in Britain. I don’t want to be a second class citizen. The British government’s offer of settled status “deal or no deal” (unilateral guarantees) is a step in the right direction but it is not enough by itself. That’s why I’ve joined forces with New Europeans to campaign for a Green Card for Europe."

An #EUGreenCard would give me:

  • - physical proof of my settled status as an EU citizen with right to be in Britain
  • - guarantees of all the rights I currently enjoy as an EU citizen in the UK
  • - permanent right to return to the UK even if I left Britain for a few years
  • - peace of mind because it would be backed by an agreement with the EU

Lynn, a British national living in Spain told us:

"I’m a journalist and a translator and I don’t want to lose my right to freedom of movement. I also have a disabled step son who is very well looked after by the Spanish authorities. I am concerned about our access to care post Brexit. I don’t want to apply for Spanish citizenship which would mean giving up my UK passport and rights if my step son and I ever return to the UK.  That’s why I’ve joined forces with New Europeans to campaign for a Green Card for Europe."

An #EUGreenCard would give me:

  • - physical proof of my status as an EU resident
  • - free movement rights within the EU
  • - right to equal treatment and recognition of my qualifications
  • - peace of mind through continued entitlement to my UK passport

The proposal is gaining traction with policy makers. 

We have presented the idea to the Home office, MPs have been briefed and there is a House of Commons research paper which explains the proposal.

The European Parliament's Civil Liberties, Employment and Petitions committees have being briefed at a public hearing about the proposal and the Constitutional Affairs Committee are also about to take evidence.

We now need to take our campaign to national parliaments and to step up the demands for the Green Card not just from #the5Million but from all who want a fair settlement for all those people who through no fault of their own now find themselves facing an uncertain future due to Brexit.

The Green card could put a stop to that nightmare and allow the lives of #the5million to start to return to normal.


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Let's make '#EUGreenCard to ring-fence status of #the5Million' happen