Funds raised so far: £1,000,000

Total projects so far: Over 200

Crowdfund Plymouth is set up to support community groups, start-up businesses, charities and individuals across the city.

We have £210,000 of extra funding available for projects in Plymouth. 

Extra funds available

Projects in Plymouth

29 army cdo rugby kit image

29 Army CDO Rugby Kit Devon

To raise money to purchase Rugby Kit for 29 Army CDO, Plymouth. Any surplus money will be divided between 42 CDO Royal Marines and FEPOW

  • 2 supporters
  • £20 raised
  • 40 days left
Briquettes worldwude image

Briquettes Worldwude Devon

I have plans to use to waste products widely available anywhere in the world to produce briquettes which anyone can buy cheaply

  • 1 supporter
  • £1 raised
  • 36 days left
Arterne cic: platform 50 image

Arterne CIC: Platform 50 Devon

Platform 50 is a young women's coaching & mentoring project for those aged 16-25, supported by a group of volunteers from all walks of life

  • 5 supporters
  • £130 raised
  • 35 days left
Tea dance with a twist! image

Tea Dance with a Twist! Devon

Having successfully run 14 Tea Dances with a Twist! we need to raise funds for another 5 events whilst we secure long term funding.

  • 10 supporters
  • £635 raised
  • 23 days left
Be:unique wellbeing image

Be:Unique Wellbeing Devon

Be Unique Wellbeing will be an innovative gym facility aiming to improve the health, fitness and wellbeing of the Plymouth community.

  • 5 supporters
  • £400 raised
  • 21 days left
Small image

Small Devon

Raising money to finish a Cloud CRM & APP for every small to average transport company, that links to social media, & their website.

  • 4 supporters
  • £220 raised
  • 19 days left
Plym valley ladies hockey club image

Plym Valley Ladies Hockey Club Devon

We are aiming to raise funds to replace equipment in order to provide a quality experience to all new and existing members.

  • 1 supporter
  • £5 raised
  • 28 days
Street factory #unitedwestand image

STREET FACTORY #UnitedWeStand Devon

Open a Community venue where everyone can feel physically, mentally, and spiritually safe – & free to express, respect, and learn together.

Successfully funded

  • 245 supporters
  • £46.7k raised
  • 56 days
Anti litter alliance image

Anti Litter Alliance Devon

The ALA has hit the ground running by galvanising the community into cleaning up. But the litter keeps coming back. Now it's time to educate

  • 2 supporters
  • £25 raised
  • 28 days
Operation snow image

Operation Snow Devon

Operation Snow is a 'Project' about spreading unconditional love and Christmas spirit, it offers a place for people on Xmas Day & support

  • 7 supporters
  • £140 raised
  • 21 days
Ellen and drew - diy image

Ellen and Drew - DIY Devon

We would love to raise some finds to help Drew and Ellen finish some DIY projects on their new home.

Successfully funded

  • 21 supporters
  • £250 raised
  • 14 days
Merchant navy monument image

Merchant Navy Monument Devon

To erect a monument on Plymouth Hoe, dedicated to those who have served or are serving in the British Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets.

Successfully overfunded

  • 153 supporters
  • £31.6k raised
  • 70 days

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