Funds raised so far: £997,260

Total projects so far: 164

Crowdfund Plymouth is set up to support community groups, start-up businesses, charities and individuals across the city.

We have £210,000 of extra funding available for projects in Plymouth. 

Extra funds available

Projects in Plymouth

Camping with liam image

Camping with Liam Devon

To purchase a second hand trailer tent that is suitable for a disabled child to go camping with his family.

  • 7 supporters
  • £135 raised
  • 29 days left
All was well. image

All Was Well. Devon

We are aiming to raise enough money to open up a magical children's bookshop in Plymouth, inspiring all children to love reading.

  • 2 supporters
  • £70 raised
  • 23 days left
Art desk for lucy image

Art desk for Lucy Devon

To raise £265 so Lucy can buy a drawing desk, but most importantly, so she knows that all her friends want to support her in her dreams.

  • 7 supporters
  • £123 raised
  • 18 days left
Borrow don't buy! image

Borrow Don't Buy! Devon

From pressure washers to sewing machines, Plymouth's first Library Of Things will enable you to have more, but own less...

  • 46 supporters
  • £1.4k raised
  • 15 days left
The wallflower project image

The Wallflower Project Devon

Support The Wallflower Project to create public murals in Plymouth in the lead up to Mayflower 2020 celebrations.

  • 16 supporters
  • £390 raised
  • 17 hours left
The urban studios image

The Urban Studios Devon

To start up and build new body-positive Fitness Studios with the support needed to achieve complete mental, emotional & physical well-being.

Successfully overfunded

  • 165 supporters
  • £12.7k raised
  • 56 days
Benthic caress image

Benthic Caress Devon

One-off sonic art silent disco for 100 people at the tidal pool, Devils Point for Plymouth Art Weekender, to promote care for marine life

Successfully overfunded

  • 52 supporters
  • £1k raised
  • 42 days
Pafc displays image

PAFC Displays Devon

Hello, our aim is to raise £5000 towards stadium displays at Home Park for Plymouth Argyle.

  • 6 supporters
  • £85 raised
  • 56 days
Challenge antarctica image

Challenge Antarctica Devon

To be the first man to cross the Antarctic Continent Solo, Unsupported and Unassisted and to use the expedition to help educate via schools

  • 15 supporters
  • £800 raised
  • 56 days

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