Projects that matter


£5,000 for projects that matter in Lambeth 

To celebrate our partnership with Lambeth Council we are giving away £1,000 to five projects that matter in Lambeth.

If your organisation has an idea that tackles one of the below, then enter today!

• Building stronger communities and encouraging civic pride

• Improving the health and wellbeing of local people

• Improving access to parks and open spaces

Entries close on Monday 9 March at midday. The winners will be announced on Friday 13 March. 

This competition is now closed. Please check back soon for live crowdfunding!

See the eligibility criteria for more information.

Key dates

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21 Feb -
9 Mar

Competition open

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13 March

Winners announced

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16 March

Coaching begins

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20 April -
24 May


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Get the word out

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