Crowdfunder's mission is to tackle society's challenges by making ideas happen. Our aim is to help projects that matter get support from people who care.

These guidelines are intended to ensure that our members can use our platform lawfully and safely.

None of the information below is legal advice and you should consult a qualified legal professional if you have any concerns that the projects you list, the rewards you offer or the competitions that you run may break the law or the rules of our platform.

Our guidelines form part of our terms of use and should be read in conjunction with these, our privacy policy, and any terms and policies relating to funding offered by our partners.


While we recognise that some projects may become the subject of public debate, it is primarily for the crowd to decide which projects will get their funding and support.

Crowdfunder will not, however, host projects where the act of raising funds or the purpose of the project is illegal under UK law.


The following are prohibited from being offered as rewards on our platform:

•  Loan repayments, profit shares, equity in a business or any financial instruments.

•  Pornographic material.

•  E-cigarettes, vapes, tobacco, drugs or drug paraphernalia

•  Firearms, weapons, knives, weapon accessories or replicas of weapons.

•  Manufactured products which don’t meet EU safety guidelines (i.e. CE Mark, Kitemark).

•  Any item, service or other reward for which it is illegal for you to sell, offer, distribute or use in the UK.

Extra Funding from our Partners

Before applying for any extra funding from our partners, please ensure you:

•  read the terms and conditions and privacy policy relating to each of the funding partners from whom you would like to receive extra funding, and remember, these apply in addition to our terms and policies.

•  consider the eligibility criteria carefully, especially as these can differ considerably between partners.

•  where applicable, note the threshold for the number of unique backers from whom you need support before you can receive extra funding from the partner.

•  note that any pledge sharing the same backer’s name or email address or that is made using the same payment card as another pledge will not be counted as made by a unique backer. Payment cards that share the same, distinctive bank fingerprint will count as the same payment card. For example, if both a primary and additional cardholder make a pledge, they will be treated as having used the same card.

We have procedures in place to detect fraudulent activity. Any pledging or other activity that we suspect is fraudulent may result in a payment delay, withholding or cancellation of the affected pledges or the suspension or withdrawal of the project or extra funding.

Competitions, Prize Draws & Raffles

You cannot run an illegal lottery or raffle on Crowdfunder. However, you can run a prize draw. 

If you would like to run a prize draw or competition as part of your project, make sure you fully understand and comply with the rules that apply as you are responsible for complying with them. These include laws on gambling, advertising, privacy and other areas.  Be careful not to run a draw that qualifies as a lottery or raffle.

The most important requirement for a prize draw is to make sure there is a free entry route e.g. by post. You also need to make sure entry is limited to residents of Great Britain only. 

You will need to prepare detailed terms and conditions for the prize draw and display them on your project page. There are rules on what needs to be in your terms and conditions.

For more help please see our help centre

You can get more guidance on how to make sure your prize draw or competition complies with relevant rules from the following sources. You may also want to seek legal advice as the requirements are complex:

There is guidance on prize competitions and other relevant information and guidance on the UK Gambling Commission’s website.

You will also need to comply with the UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising and Direct & Promotional Marketing.

You can find out more about your obligations relating to privacy on the ICO website.

This information should not be construed as legal advice and should not be relied on as such. In providing the information Crowdfunder is not taking on any responsibility as a promoter, under the CAP Code or otherwise.