Our guidelines

Crowdfunder's mission is to tackle society's challenges by making ideas happen. Our aim is to help projects that matter get support from people who care.

Crowdfunder supports the principles of freedom of speech, tolerance and inclusivity. 

While we recognise that some projects may become the subject of public debate, it is primarily for the crowd to decide which projects will get their funding and support.

Crowdfunder will not, however, host projects where the act of raising funds or the purpose of the project is illegal under UK law.

The following are prohibited from being offered as rewards on the platform.

  • Loan repayments, profit shares or equity in a business.
  • Pornographic material. 
  • E-cigarettes, vapes, tobacco, drugs or drug paraphernalia.
  • Firearms, weapons, knives, weapon accessories or replicas of weapons.
  • Manufactured products which don’t meet EU safety guidelines (i.e. CE Mark, Kitemark).

Please also read our terms of use and our privacy policy.

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