Win some amazing prizes as part of Foundation of Light's 'Heart on Your Sleeve' campaign

Recent studies have shown that health inequalities in the UK are getting worse, with the gap between the North East and the South of England worsening. People in communities across our region are living shorter lives; spending most of them in poor health. Foundation of Light aims to tackle these issues, encouraging parents and grandparents to stay both physically and mentally active to inspire the next generation to do the same. During the 2023-24 season, Foundation will be raising funds to support these initiatives.

How to enter the prize draws


Buy an entry!

A £5 minimum donation buys you one entry into the draw. You can donate multiple times to gain multiple entries!


The winners get chosen

The winners will be drawn at random once the prize draw comes to a close and be contacted by us within seven days.


The money is donated

Funds raised will directly support our 'Heart on Your Sleeve' campaign, helping families across the North East.


Q. Can entrants make more than one donation on a prize draw?

Yes, each £5 donation you make will get you one entry into the prize draw. Multiple donations of £5 will increase your chances of winning. E.g. If you select the £50 reward option, you will gain 10 entries to the prize draw. If you select the £250 reward option, you will gain 50 entries to the prize draw.

Q. Can entrants donate without entering the prize draw?

Yes, you can simply donate directly to the campaign by not selecting one of the 'prize draw entry' reward options.

Q. Can entrants enter the prize draw without donating?

Yes, you can enter for free by post. See individual draw terms and conditions on the specific prize draw page for details of how to do this.

Q. Can I donate/enter the prize draw for more than one prize?

Yes! As many as you like!

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