Back Her Business

Supporting female entrepreneurs starting
new businesses

The Back Her Business programme has closed after distributing over £1Million to support female-led businesses. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the programme.

Your business journey doesn't stop here. Find out more about crowdfunding your idea and NatWest business support below.

If you have any questions about the Back Her Business programme, please email [email protected].

startup business crowdfunding

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Crowdfund-her...want to make your business idea happen?

We have thousands of new business startups raising money and creating their crowd at the same time. Crowdfunding helps you validate your idea, build your customer base before you start and raise the funds you need to make that leap. We're also waiving our platform fees (transaction fees still apply) for any new business starting up as a consequence of coronavirus, so more of the money you raise will go straight into building your new business.

You're ready. We're ready. Let's make your startup happen.

Build your business the right way

Now more than ever it is vital to have the right tools and support to help you and your business succeed.

NatWest Business Builder has been developed to support businesses and entrepreneurs at all stages. It's free and you don’t even have to be a NatWest customer to join.

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