Help us crowd fund for legal and campaign fees to Save Heaney Country and reroute the A6.

Our politicians claim Heaney as a "National Treasure." 

Seamus Heaney called the plans "A wound on the Ecology" and "A desecration"

A devastating act of institutionalised vandalism.

Starting in October 2016 the new A6 road is planned to see a dual carrigeway built on top of an area of enormous environmental and cultural significance.

Our Cultural Heritage

Despite the existance of several alternatives, the construction of a new dual carrigeway between Toome and Castledawson will send 22,000 vehicles per day thundering through the heart of Heaney Country just 50 metres from his Childhood home at Mossbawn where one of several motorway flyovers will dominate the landscape.  The motorway is set to churn up  and permanently alter the charm and charisma of many of the places immortalised in his writing such as 'The Broagh,' ;Mossbawn,' 'Hillhead,' Anahorish' 'Lagans Road' and 'The Strand at Lough Beg.'

Environmental Heritage

The 4 lane dual carrigeway will run within yards of one of the last intact wetland expanse in Northern Ireland.  This area (protected under RAMSAR, ASSI, National Nature Reserve and Natura 200 designations) is one of the best places in Ireland to see wintering Whooper Swans that migrate here each winter from Iceland, who feed in the very plains the road cuts through.  It is a place of wild beauty famous for its archeology, rare birds and plants.  It is a protected Wilderness that is being wilfully failed by the Northern Irish Government.

Final permissions have been given and bulldozers are due to arrive in the next few weeks.  We need to act quickly or regret it forever.  What will we say to those who come to visit the new cultural Centre in Bellaghy when they ask to take a tour of the famous landscape and the Heaney Homeplace?

"'s gone..there is a motorway there now. 

This campaign is winnable and the growing support from the Arts community and the rising international outcry gives us hope.  To fight this we need resources to build a campaign and to fund legal challenges and legal opinion to fight it through the Courts.  The first stages of a legal challenge has already been launched.

We are asking for donations to help do this and any time, support or coverage that can be offered.  Do what you can, get angry, get creative.  Do not assume someone else will take care of this, do whatever you can.  There is no formal organising committee but money will managed by a group of trusted individuals who are involved with the campaign and will update on how it has been spent.

Please help us now.   

Routing for Seamus.

Will leave you with his words:

"But then once in a lifetime

The longed for tidal wave

of justice can rise up

and hope and history rhyme

So hope for a great sea-change

On the far side of revenge

Believe that further shore

is reachable from here

Believe in Miracle

and Cures and Healing Wells"

Thank you.