BES Utilities vs Small Businesses

BES Utilities vs Small Businesses

Please help stop a commercial energy scam across the UK, which cripples 1000's of business both financially and emotionally.

We did it!

On 28th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £5,571 with 17 supporters in 56 days

BES Utilities operate a commercial energy scam across the UK, which cripples 1000's of business both financially and emotionally.

BES have already been fined £980,000 by Ofgem, and have been raided by the police, facing criminal prosecution for fraud, but remain unrepentant.

BES owner Andy Pilley, who already has a criminal conviction for fraud, mercilessly pursues anyone that justifiably exposes their wrongdoing (this includes Trading Standards!) through lawyers and abuse of the court system. This time we are taking a stand against this form of bullying, and seek to raise funds to deploy the best legal team in the UK to expose BES and Mr Pilley for what they truly are.

BES have produced a £500,000 cost budget in an attempt to intimidate us, and stop their fraud being exposed in the High Court. They have also attempted to gain several cost orders to try to financially ruin us before the big trial.

Based on the destruction we have seen caused by BES to 1000's of small businesses around the UK, we simply cannot back down and allow them to trample on us like they have many people in the past.

We are seeking £50,000 to instruct a leading QC to present our case to the High Court and ensure BES and Mr Pilley get their deserved exposure.

By donating to this cause you will be;

1) Helping 1000's of small business who remain at the mercy of BES Utilities.

2) Help expose a vile, nationwide scam that literally destroys businesses.

3) Helping two small business owners fight for justice against a company within an insanely disproportionate legal costs budget.

For more information about BES Utilities and how they affect small businesses;

See the Ofgem Report

See an article in The Mail on Sunday

See an article in The Telegraph

See an article covering Police Raids

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We have been fighting this ourselves for the last two years and would welcome any help and support in the form of donations or shares to help spread the word.

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