The Young Women's Film Academy works with young women to make films that inspire, empower and educate other young women.

The Young Women's Film Academy works with disadvantaged young women from the North East of England to provide an experience that is inspiring, improves emotional well being and provides skills in film making. Our latest film 'Chloe', explores the theme of courage and was made by young women from Newcastle and Gateshead from January - June 2016.

We are looking to further expand on the film project 'Young Women with Courage' by creating an educational resource pack to include a DVD of the film Chloe, that youth projects and schools can use to raise awareness of the issues explored in the film and enable the group of young women to continue to work together. The pack will be developed through workshops with the young women, where they will learn how to facilitate educational outreach workshops in local schools and other youth projects, sharing their expereriences and learning new skills. 

'If it hadn't been for this project I'd still be sat in the house doing nothing. Now I'm starting college and doing something that was only ever a dream I used to have' (Young Woman)

'Working with people I don't know was a challenge and a huge step for me' (Young Woman)

'I've learnt I can go beyond my barriers and I am more confident' (Young Woman)

'Really thought provoking film. Excellently portraying the real issue that young people go through. Brilliantly made by all the young women involved' (Audience member)

'The Film was fantastic, informative, educational and done sensitively' (Audience member)