The Brexit Video

The Brexit Video

People deserve to know the truth about Brexit and the EU. It's not too late to #StopBrexit.

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Hello! and welcome to our new crowdfunder to Stop Brexit.

We are the team behind the Election Video 2017 and website Get The Truth. Our last video had over 2 million views on Facebook in just 10 days. Now we plan to take on Brexit with a new cross-party video.

The Plan

We are crowdfunding to produce and advertise an animated video of aproximately 5 minutes in the same entertaining and accessible style as our last.

It will reveal:

  • The truth about Brexit 
  • How we benefit from being in the EU and what’s at stake if we leave
  • How we were misled by the media and Leave campaign
  • That in a democracy it’s ok to change our minds
  • And what is really to blame for the problems in our society - our government and austerity

With this we aim to increase support for 'Remain' and build upon the Stop Brexit momentum. Ultimately, we want the political parties to respond to the change in public opinion by opposing Brexit or by offering a second referendum. 

Please donate now and we can make a real change before it’s too late. Thank you.

Video Production

We will be collaborating with the same team as used for the Election Video - producer Mad Adam Films, director Peter Caires and 3 animators, and voice over artist Sam Caseley (+ recording studio time). The production will take around 3 weeks. 

Please note - whilst the Election Video gave support to Labour for tactical reasons, the Brexit Video will be non-partisan. 


Measuring the outcome

At the end of the video we will advertise the current popular petition asking for a second referendum (running until March 2018), a poll, and encourage viewers to email their local MP and engage in the #StopBrexit movement. We will also advertise a further large scale march/protest and are looking to collaborate with other anti-Brexit groups in the organisation of this.


The £11k target covers the total video production plus crowdfunder fees (5% + VAT). If the production costs less than the quote given, we will use the extra funds to promote the video on Facebook.

The Script

There may be a few minor amendments to the script before we commit to production. If you have any comments or suggestions for it we'd love to hear from you on: or through our Facebook page.

The Script

Brexit...however you voted, this video is really important.

Many of us voted to leave the EU in the hope that life would get better. But unfortunately, we’re starting to realise that the government’s plan for Brexit isn’t what we voted for, and it might actually make us worse off.

If you’re worried about it like we are and you’d like to know a bit more, let’s take a moment to look at this again.

We voted to take back control, because the EU seems too powerful and bureaucratic. But actually, the UK was a big player in the EU. We’ve never lost control, or sovereignty. We make our own laws.

But worryingly it seems the government could be using Brexit to change our laws outside of Parliament...that could mean our human rights might change, and there could be more tax breaks for the super-rich.

We voted to reduce immigration because in some areas immigration has put pressure on jobs, housing and public services. But the truth is, we don't need to leave the EU to have control of our borders. Immigration from Europe can be controlled under EU laws, just like they do in Belgium. In fact, we could have reduced it by 80%!.. but our government chose not to. 

We voted to leave the EU to help save our NHS, to give the NHS an extra 350 million a week. But that turned out to be a lie. And sadly, Brexit will only put the NHS under greater threat.

Any trade deal with America will no doubt open up our health service to their private companies...companies that put profit before people.

And what would that mean for you? Well, the end of free healthcare, and the beginning of expensive medical insurance and bills. That is what's really at stake.

We voted Leave so that we can make our own trade deals around the world. But the problem is, the EU will always be our biggest trading market and changing that puts millions of jobs and our economy at risk.

And if we want to trade with the EU in a ‘soft Brexit’, we'll be forced to accept their rules without having any say in them.

It’s now a year and a half since the referendum and the government is making such a mess of the Brexit negotiations that we risk crashing out of the EU without a deal.

And the chancellor has admitted that this could cost us billions. Planes could be grounded, there could be food shortages, and people may lose their jobs.

They never told us this before the referendum! And it seems that all the reasons we were given to vote Leave have been changed.

Hard Brexit.
Less money for the NHS.
EU doctors and nursing leaving the country.

This isn’t what we voted for!..This isn’t going to make things better!..
What are we doing?

Lots of people are changing their minds about Brexit, and that’s ok, because it’s clear now that Brexit won’t fix our country, and it won’t make our lives better. We've got to stand up to what's really to blame for the problems we have in the UK; our government and austerity - that's what needs to change.

The EU may not be perfect, but leaving it is not the answer.

The EU gives us strength and security, and a bigger voice in the world. It protects us from bad treatment at work. It ensures our food is safe and our air is clean. It creates jobs and opportunities, and fuels scientific research like new cancer treatments and antibiotics. We benefit so much from being part of it.

So if you’re not happy about the way things are going and agree we should reconsider our decision about leaving the EU, we need to act together now...before it’s too late.

And in a democratic society we have the right to change our minds, especially on something as important as this.

So please share this video, show it to your family and sign the petition for a second referendum and let’s bring our country together.

Thanks for your support!

The Get The Truth Team