The Positive Planner

The Positive Planner

Help The Positive Positive Planner start its journey! With the money I plan to print the first batch in order to take to distributors.

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 4:05pm 21st May 2017

The crowdfunding target will pay for: Printing and manufacturing the first batch of planners in order to take them to distributors.

The Positive planner is a unique tool that will help enable women who are experiencing post-natal mental health issues to remain productive and positive in a very overwhelming and anxious time.

Through social media I hope to bring this postive planner to the forefront and create a community that will help us get talking about Maternal mental health and the journey in to motherhood.

It is a paperback journal with beautiful calligraphy and encouraging words on each page,  taking the panic out of the daily routine and breaking it down in to small bitesize sections so that the user is able to feel that they are actively trying to navigate their way through their week and process their emotions. It's important to note that sometimes you may write what you wouldn't be able to vocalise.  The concept is based on a cognitive behavioural therapy journal but making it accessible and a lovely piece of stationary. 

One of the main aims of this is to encourage the use of theraputic journaling and list making as opposed to the many hours some women find themselves stairing at screens and scrolling through unhelpful online content which adds to the stress and anxiety and often the feeling of failure.

Days can be long and lonely, I want to expose these women to people in similar situations so they can offer support to each other through a network of sufferers and also recovered mothers linking them through a specific Positive Planner Instagram account that they can choose to look at and only experience the positive sides of social media rather than the bad. This will help build confidence and the notion that they are not alone in their journey.

Ways in which it will help:

  • By helping to compartmentalise their lives with quotes, prompts, grattitude moments and links to a community of women using their planners to get through the day to day. Simple actions such as meal planning can be overwhelming so wil help with the small daily tasks. Sections will include logging feeds and naps to help find a routine in the day, but also self-care prompts such as how many glasses of water have you drank? Why not take a walk today? Choose one goal for the day etc.
  • An emotional tracker system that colour codes your mood of each day, this will help to know if they are making progress or even provide a talking point with health visitors and GP's. 
  • By locating everything in one place.  Thoughts and general goals for the day will provide a mindful platform that allows pen and paper to help heal, manage and reflect.
  • Using the iconic logo as a way of letting people know you are suffering on some level through pin badges and tote bags it is a simple way to start conversations with others and help break stigmatism that surrounds PND.  

This Planner can of course be bought by anyone as a useful tool and not specifically for PND sufferers but I think it's important as a way to recovery that there is a specific product that speaks to them, it can be bought as a way of firstly admitting something may not be right but also a coping mechanism to help get on the road to recovery. It can also be bought by friends and family, it will come packed with love with lots of links to useful companies that can help.

It is a simple idea developed by myself on my own personal journey through motherhood and depression and I need to take my designs to the next level in order to share with others.