Syria Summer Camp

Tuition and activities camp 24th July -18th August 2017 - for Refugee/Asylum Seeking Children from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries

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The Syria Summer Camp 2017

“Everyone Counts, Everyone Contributes, Everyone Succeeds”

Newman Catholic College School Motto.


Help make the 2017 Syria Summer Camp Happen!

About us:

Newman Catholic College was founded in 1958 and is located in the London Borough of Brent. The school has a student age range of 11–19 years old and is Voluntary Aided. The school represents a welcoming and caring community, giving pupils the encouragement and help to flourish, contributing to the greatest good and helping others to reach their full potential.  This is the ethos behind the Syria Summer Camp Project and why the school is providing the premises free of charge throughout the school holidays to this inspiring project.

Location:  Newman Catholic College, Harlesden Road, London NW103RN

 Syria Summer Camp 2016:


The project started last year, 2016. The Summer Camp ran for four weeks between the 19th July and 12th August 2016. We provided four teaching days per week for up to 40 students per day and with the help of our volunteer teachers we taught Science, English and Maths from beginner to AS Level. Everyone was impressed at how the supplementary classes helped boost the children’s confidence and educational performance. Continuing to deliver a 4-week Camp based entirely on voluntary good will is not sustainable and we want to DO MORE not less

 Syria Summer Camp 2017: 24th July to 18th August; 5 full days per week

What we want to do this summer:

  • We want to welcome as many as 50 children every day for 4 weeks.
  • We want to offer an extended day 10am to 3pm.
  • We want to renumerate essential leadership posts in primary education and specialist subjects.
  • We want to continue providing high quality education in English, Maths & Science but supplement this with regular enrichment activities such as art therapy, film making, family theatre, museum visits, etc.
  • We want to increase our focus on citizenship and our children becoming contributing, valued citizens of the UK.
  • We want to provide a sustaining lunch for our children and volunteer staff, which we hope our Syrian families will join in preparing.
  • We want to include our recently formed Mums’ and Babes’ English class and provide a crèche for young children.

What we will do with the money raised from your support.

 With your generous help, we aim to raise £10,000. This is what we will do with the money and why and how we will spend it to the best effect.

  •  £2,500 –for healthy lunches and snacks to keep the children and teachers fuelled all day.

Last year we could not afford to provide a proper lunch for the students and teachers, to support a full school day. This cut back on what the children could achieve academically. This year we aim to cover the costs of Mums preparing Syrian meals, allowing us all to work a full school day.  

  • £1,000 –for printed publicity material.

The project outreaches to Syrian parents and newly arrived refugee families across North-West London. Our publicity ensures that Syrian parents know that help is available and the publicity information gives them the confidence to enrol their children in the Syria Summer Camp.

  • £1,000 – for excursions to museums, galleries and places of cultural interest.

Education is not just about hard work in the classroom, it has to be fun as well. The planned excursions will introduce the children to a broader UK culture than we can achieve in the classroom.

  • £1,000 – for teaching resources and learning materials

High-quality teaching materials helps to support and encourage our volunteer teachers to provide resourced and interesting class sessions for the children.

  • £4,500 – for specialist “Anchor” Teachers to steer the 3 core subjects throughout the Summer Camp and for Specialist Tutors - for example Dance and Music 

This year we already have 20 volunteer teachers who have committed their time to the 2017 Syria Summer Camp project. But co-ordinating xx teachers across science,  maths and English language curriculums is a big and complex task. To use our volunteer teachers to the best effect, we need to appoint ‘anchor’ teachers for each subject to direct and manage the curriculum. We also will appoint a Primary Lead to oversee the 5-11 years programme.

 Total = £10,000.


Why it's a great idea:

  • It's a response to actual need defined by our local school children themselves. Syrian children are hungry to learn and have an incredible desire to better themselves. But fleeing war in their homeland with a difficult journey and unsettled future loses them years of education which they desperately want to catch-up. ‘Sir, we want you to teach us in the holidays’ is the plea they made to the Headmaster a year ago. We are responding to their heartfelt cries.
  • It is a helping hand reaching out to the children’s parents to help them in a strange new land. Syrian parents dream of a better education for their children. This is what they believe in and stand for. They will sacrifice anything to provide their children with learning and long to express their gratitude for the smallest gesture of kindness on our part. Our Summer Camp is living proof that they can believe again their children have a right to education and that their lives can return to a normality once more.
  • It is a righteous call. The UK has always been a beacon for free and integrated societies – that is why the Syrian refugee families are here with us in London now. Syria Summer Camp builds on this reputation for supporting individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths, beliefs and cultures and will help the children and their families settle here in UK as proud British citizens.
  • This is what makes Syria Summer Camp so necessary, so meaningful, such a  moral imperative