Salford Birth Centre

We're raising funds for a birthing pool for one of the 4 birth suites at the new Salford Birth Centre, opening later this year at Ingleside.

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We need your help to buy a birthing pool facility at the new Salford Birth Centre. Please donate whatever you can.

You can donate as little as £1. Your contribution will make an enormous difference helping to fund a birthing pool facility in one of the four birth suites at the centre. The council owns the building and, amongst other things, needs a new roof, a lot of TLC and specialist works to make it ready. This is why we need your help. We hope you will consider making a donation, however small or large, or fundraising to help us buy facilities for the new birth centre.

Keep babies born in Salford.

People born or brought up in Salford are proud of their roots. Time after time when we ask people what they value most in our city, they tell us it is the community and the unique character of our local people.

That’s why it’s important to us all that women who have low risk pregnancies continue to have the choice of giving birth in the city, and keep babies born in Salford. To do this we’re developing a new Salford Birth Centre to replace the existing birth centre at Salford Royal which is closing.

NHS England is supporting the new centre as part of a programme to widen quality choices available to women. The aim is to provide maternity services which are safe, personalised, kind, professional and family friendly.

The centre will provide a local facility for women who want a midwife-led birth and will also be a community resource with a range of other services for families.

About the new Salford Birth Centre based at Ingleside

The site of the new centre, currently known as Ingleside, is an important piece of Salford’s heritage. The building sits in the beautiful, calming backdrop of Oakwood Park. It is a fantastic setting for a birth centre and a building which the council owns and would love to find a community use for.

When refurbished, it will feature a full range of birthing suites with pools, modern equipment and family rooms on site.

The centre will be a community space for services such as antenatal and postnatal groups, breastfeeding support and perinatal mental health support.