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(Strong Remainer Miriam Margolyes filmed at her home at St Margaret's Bay, Dover which is the house nearest France in Britain). 


POSTCARDS FROM THE 48% is a feature length documentary. 

It is a film made by the some of the 48% who voted Remain. The film is of the 48% and for the 48%. It is their story, feelings and reasons for remaining, made totally from their perspective.

I am a Remainer. With the Leavers having seized the control of most newspapers I feel strongly that our side is battling to have our voice heard. 

We are just at the end of the beginning. There is a still a long way to go in the fight back. 

If you think we have lost the fight then just look at what has happened with the Government's carefully thought out National Insurance increase in the recent budget. Theresa May has backed down. This lady IS for turning. It’s happened once and it will happen again.

I am making the film to show the other EU member states that over 16 million of us Brits truly value our association with them and greatly appreciate the contribution that their men and women have made not just to our economy but also our culture over a great many decades.

POSTCARDS FROM THE 48% will show that some of us are fighting to the very bitter end to try and stay within the EU, which warts and all, many of us are proud to be a part of.

(AC Grayling filmed in his office in Bedford Square, London)


My friends who voted Leave call me a "Remoaner" and worse.

The MP Bill Cash has been campaigning against the EU since 1975. Was he ridiculed for what he believed in ?

Had the campaign, on both sides, been based upon truth, then I could accept the outcome.

However, if I see a TV advert that tells me that a washing powder will remove the dirt from my clothes, and I purchase it, and then it does not, I have redress with the people who sold it to me, the advertising company who made the false claim, and the manufacturer. I can get my money back and possible compensation. The makers of that washing powder would probably be forced to remove it from sale and issue an apology.

In politics we can't do anything about it if we are lied to in an election campaign. We must wait until the next election, but by then the damage has already been done. 

Mrs May says she does not like the term “divorce” to cover Brexit. When people get divorced, they often don’t have a good relationship afterwards. She says she wants a good relationship with the EU afterwards. But why would the EU countries want a relationship with the UK. What's this ? We don't love you any more but we want you to buy from us ?

POSTCARDS FROM THE 48% is the only way I know to put our case; to record the efforts of so many men and women who will at least not give up without a very good fight. 

The Remainers I will feature in the film are those fighting not for their own self interest, they are fighting for the future, they are fighting for those who come after us.

The press vilify these Remainers, and so many like them. I don't. I am making them the stars of POSTCARDS FROM THE 48%.  

To me each one of these fighters is a hero. 

( Oliver Marshall with his mother Liselotte who fled Nazi Germany in 1938. Since the vote in June last year, Oliver has claimed a German passport.

"But it's just a film. Films can't do anything". 

 This summer I will release in a few cinemas the Irish film SANCTUARY. This dramatic comedy has at its core the Irish law that makes it a criminal offense under Section 5 of the Criminal Law Act (Sexual Offences) 1993 for adults with intellectual disabilities to have sex before marriage.

Because of the film, and theatre play before it, highlighting this ludicrous Irish law,  the people of Ireland have forced an amendment in February 2017 stating that if the people concerned were aware of what they were agreeing to it would no longer be illegal. Still not happy with this as it is still narrow, protective and paternalistic many Irish people will continue fighting to change the law further. They will win. 

I cannot say what impact POSTCARDS FROM THE 48% will have. It will show our other 27 partner countries that many of us do value, and want to continue our relationship with them. It will be a lasting record of what many of YOU did to keep us in the EU, and who knows, it may do what the current Government, and most of the UK press dread, it may make some Leavers, who watch it out of curiosity, realise that when they voted, they made a very big mistake.

(17 year old Hugo and 81 year old Mary

Who is going to appear in the film ?

POSTCARDS FROM THE 48% will only feature those who voted Remain

Although the film will feature many well-known people in the Remain campaign such as AC Grayling, Baroness Wheatcroft, Matt Kelly, Sir Andrew Cook, Raymond McCord etc., I am keen to feature so called ‘ordinary’ people from all walks of life, ages, religions, income brackets and ethnic backgrounds. People like Paul Cartwright, Peter French, Liselotte and Oliver Marshall, Madeleina Kay and soon to be many many more. 

(Sir Andrew Cook has in the last two years invested millions of pounds in new plant and machinery to create new jobs in Leeds and Sheffield. 30% of his work force will come from specialist engineers from Poland as the UK educational establishment does not train enough people in this specialist area, in order to provide detailed machine parts for the German railways. Now this investment and these new jobs are all in jeopardy)

Where we would like to film

Northern Ireland/ Ireland - The implications of Brexit upon that island are potentially so grave that the Northern Ireland assembly should be been consulted at every turn, but the British Government are shamefully ignoring them. Once post-Brexit immigration policies are implimented, the borders between the North and South of Ireland must be able to be controlled. Has anyone in the British Government actually thought about this ? Do they think for one minute that the Irish will actually tolerate a border again ?  From the evidence, it seems that Westminster politicians are just not interested. There was more interest in what would happen to Northern Ireland immediately following Brexit vote in the German press than there was in British newspapers. 

We need to visit Belfast and the border.

Scotland- One of the key issues in the "No" campaign during the 2014 Scottish Referendum campaign was the fact that Scotland may lose their place in the EU if they voted "Yes". Yet despite this the Scots are not having a say in the way forward. 

We must film in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Shetland and on the England/ Scotland border.

Wales - Having benefited from £4 billion of investment since 2000 of investment from the EU, Wales voted to Leave. We want to talk to Remainers there who don't understand their country's decision and guage some of the impact it may have in the near future.

We shall film in both the North & the South and to try to find out why they are so anti the EU.

We want voices from all over the UKEssex and Somerset, Norfolk and Yorkshire, Liverpool and Sunderland, Boston and Stoke we will try to be all inclusive,. At Land's End and John O'Groats. In rural Cumbria and the port of Hull.

We will film in Gibraltar where a staggering 96% of the population voted Remain and Gibraltarians are now fighting for their very way of life. Does the British Government actually care about them ?

If we have the budget we will go to Greenland the only country to leave the EU.

We will visit Brussels and talk to a few of the hundreds of thousands of British men, women and children, wholly ignored by the British Government and left in the cold at present, who live and work in the other 27 EU countries.  

 Peter French and Paul Cartwright representing the people of Gibraltar at the Surpeme Court in London on 24th Janaury 2017)

What would we like ?

I wish to continue making the documentary feature film POSTCARDS FROM THE 48%.

In order to do this, I need your support. This can be in the form of sharing our campaign, liking our Facebook page or, much better, donating to our film (as you will be directly helping our film get made and then seen by the wider public).

I would like donations to our film to come from those who believe we need to save the future of our country, those who may have voted Remain in 2016 and our fellow citizens of the EU who live in the UK and pay tax here, but until the Scottish referendum vote, were not allowed a vote.

I would like those who were born here, but who now live in other member state countries, who feel sidelined in the on going debate to support our film too.  I would love to see support for our film from those of you in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, England and Gibraltar  to show Leavers that we are everywhere, from every corner of our country and beyond.

Regardless of where you live, if you feel strongly that Brexit will not wash whiter than white, then I hope you can support us and also help spread the word on the film and campaign.

(Planning the Unite for Europe national march to Parliament STOP BREXIT which will take place on 25th March 2017 )

What we need

I am looking to raise £30,000 to produce this film.  

We will have stretch goals past £30,000 as we look to make this film even better.  For instance a stretch goal of £165,000 will guarantee a great documentary. But I will be attempting to raise more as I would like to pay something to the estimated 50 odd people who will work on the film as I just cannot keep asking them to continue to work for nothing. Some of them will be full time for many months but they are doing because, like me, they voted Remain and want our voices heard in this debate. None of those who feature in the film will be paid. 

As a comparison, if I were making this for a UK broadcaster then we would work towards an approved  budget of £450,000.  With a recent feature doc, that I was involved in producing, the budget was well over £1 million (my fee was £10,000 so it wasn't a gravy train ). The more archive needed, the greater the licence fees plus there are numerous unavoidable technical, post-production and travel costs. 

I am also confident of finding some commercial backers and patrons on the back of this campaign. 

(Solicitor Ciaran O'Hare and his client Raymond McCord a campaigner for the rights of victims of the Troubles who launched the first legal challenge in Northern Ireland against the UK leaving the European Union, outside the Supreme Court  in London)

Your involvement

We will be keeping everyone who donates £25 or over, updated with regular emails and real snail mail postcards (if you add your address to your details.

From time to time we would like to pick your brains regarding knowledgeable people in various parts of the country to answer very specific questions. 

I will also be sending you small sections of the film for feedback. 

Will the film be seen ?

I have over the last thirty years released over 100 films in the cinema, on video & DVD, online and to TV.  From 1998-2016 all I released were British & Irish films. In the 129 years since Louis Le Prince made the world’s first film in Leeds no other UK distribution company has ever made such a strong 100% commitment to British films. I distributed the films that all other UK distribution companies turned down as they were perceived as uncommercial or difficult. 

The fact I am a UK film distributor, albeit this country’s smallest,  I can ensure the film will be released in the cinema, online and on DVD in the UK. Because of my associations, I can secure distribution overseas, and I am confident that it will profile in film festivals in most of the 27 EU countries. I currently have productions that I have produced playing on Netflix, SKY, FilmFour, iTunes, Amazon, Vimeo etc. 

Therefore, it will be seen. 

A good percentage of the citizens of our fellow EU member states, approx. 400 million would probably want to watch the film to find out what the hell went on, and why?

( AC Grayling records a speech for the United for Europe march on 25th March 2017). 


I have thought long and hard about the rewards. I was not going to give any but my team thought I should. So I offer a few. 

Although it is a film, I want it to be a cause - recording the Remainers stand. 

It is a film for the 48% to put their case.  Ideally I  would like donations please because you believe in what these people are doing and it is your chance to put two fingers up to those who don't and won't listen to us.

We are not the Monster Raving Looney Party who lost our deposit, we are 16.1 million - WE are the 48% !

One amusing little fact 

Theresa May's Government will be providing 20% of the budget for the film, in the form of the UK Film Tax Credit ...... unless they change the law in the meantime. 

A Government change the rules ?

Why, surely not.