Made In Hackney - Local Food Kitchen

Made In Hackney is a pioneering eco-community kitchen which aims to improve the health and wellbeing of Londoners, and teach sustainable healthy life skills.

We did it!

On 17th Mar 2014 we successfully raised £13,280 of £12,500 target with 257 supporters in 42 days

We are now overfunding! Yeahhhh! Our new target is £13,500! 

Although we've reached our target the more money we raise the more courses to local community groups in need we can put on. Keep pledging and we can help even more people grow, cook, eat and compost food that's good for people and planet! Thanks for the support. 

About Us

The Made In Hackney Local Food Kitchen is a pioneering eco-community kitchen in Hackney, East London. Nestled underneath not-for-profit health food shop Food For All, we teach vital food growing, cooking and composting skills that are good for people and planet. Both the shop and kitchen are a project of UK charity AMURT UK.

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What We Do

In our classes we draw people's attention to the much overlooked reality of, 'Without a healthy planet, how can we be healthy people?' We therefore teach people in fun and inspiring ways healthy eating and lifestyle skills alongside environmental best practice. This means:

  • All our class recipes use local, seasonal, organic, plant based ingredients
  • All food waste is composted and taken to a local community garden
  • All cleaning products are homemade and non-toxic
  • Our vegetables are sourced from a local, organic, vegetable box scheme
  • We teach people how to bake and make desserts without refined sugar
  • We open peoples eyes to food issues - Fairtrade, Food Miles, Animal Welfare
  • The kitchen is an eco-kitchen with fixtures made from reclaimed and recycled materials including a counter made of melted plastic coffee cups

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Who Comes To Our Classes?

Everyone! Well we offer something for everyone. Our courses are attended by local charities, support groups and community groups most in need of developing food skills. Groups we regularly work with are:

  • Teen carers
  • Low income families
  • Adults with long term health problems
  • Young people excluded from school
  • Parent and children groups
  • Mental health support groups
  • Adults on rehabilitation programs
  • Cultural & ethnic minority groups

We also run pay-by-donation Community Classes led by local volunteers. These classes are open to everyone and have a wonderful social atmosphere and diverse mix of attendees who wouldn't usually get the opportunity to hang out and cook together. Past classes:

-Family Meals For £3ISH, Bread Making, Sugar Free Baking, Fermenting, Vegan Baking, Indian Cookery, Homemade Cosmetics and Home Herbalism.

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Our Results

We know what we do really works! From children who refuse to eat fruit and veg and by lesson 2 they're gulping it down; to soda obsessed teenagers who now make their own fresh juice everyday; to people with long term health problems starting to feel better for the first time in years; to young Mums who now cook from scratch every day as opposed to heating up microwave meals - we've had many tear-jerking success stories! 

Our over 750 participants from the last year have reported back loads of positive changes after attending our courses - these include:

  • Helped them to stop eating junk food
  • Double-tripled their fruit and vegetabe intake from what it was previously
  • Inspired to cook from scratch at home almost every day
  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Have started growing their own food and herbs
  • Now know where to source affordable local, seasonal and organic food
  • Have starting composting their home food waste
  • Given them the skills to start up as smallscale ethical food producer

Why We Do What We Do

OK so we've all heard the depressing statistics. But it doesn't hurt to refresh ourselves to remind us of just how vital and potentially life and planet saving the skills that Made In Hackney teaches are:

Obesity: We're heading into what's been described as a 'pandemic'. If current trends continue it's predicted that by 2050 60% of men, 50% of women and 25% of children will be obese.

Diabetes: 3million people currently suffer from diabetes and this figure is rising every day.

Heart Health: In the UK 1 in 5 men and 1 in 8 women will die form coronary heart disease.

Expiring Planet: If current consumption and resource usage continues, by 2020 we will need over 2 planets to sustain life as we know it.

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What Your Money Will Help Us Do

Your donations will enable us to continue our vital work. The results of which will be:

  • Healthier, happier people
  • More environmentally sustainable food practices adopted
  • More opportunities for people learn local food skills
  • More people with food growing, cooking and composting skills
  • More people making healthy, sustainable food choices
  • More support to local, organic food growers
  • Training other kitchen collectives to set up similar initiatives

Thankyou for your support - together we can help create a healthy, affordable food system thats good for people and planet.

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