Lucrezia Borgia's Daughter

Help Musica Secreta raise £4,000 to fund a world premiere recording of the astonishing music of 16th-century nun Suor Anonima..

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New stretch target

We've increased our target to £5000! Our total expenses will be in the region of £10K, so the more we raise, the more we can put into our application for funding from women's music trusts.  Anything we have left after meeting our recording expenses will go to match funding for an application to ACE to tour this project in 2016-2017.  It's all so exciting. Thanks, everyone!

Help Musica Secreta raise £4,000 to fund a world premiere recording of the astonishing music of the materna lingua motets, written by a mysterious 16th-century nun who could be the daughter of Lucrezia Borgia.

Musica Secreta has a long history of award-winning CDs that have opened up the world of female musicians from the 16th and 17th centuries.  These include madrigals and motets from the court of Ferrara and unique recordings by the nun composers Chiara Margarita Cozzolani and Lucrezia Vizzana. We would now love to make the music of Suor Anonima available to the world.

Why is this music important?

These extraordinary anonymous motets are the earliest published music that we can connect directly to the famous musical convents of renaissance Italy.  The music seems to make clear why those who flocked to hear the nuns sing compared their music to the mysterious and celestial sound of angels, calling them the finest musicians in all Italy. Co-director of Musica Secreta, Prof Laurie Stras, has been living with this music on her computer for the last six years, and her transcriptions were finally brought to life in a concert at Brighton Early Music Festival in October 2015. 

What help are we seeking?

The project will need ten singers and two players, and we will need funds to cover artists' fees, recording and production costs, and the rental of an organ and a recording space.

Our crowdfunding goal of £4,000 will only cover part of the costs, but if we can raise at least this amount it should be easier to find matching sponsorship. If we raise enough, we may even be able to go on tour.  Whatever you can pledge will bring us a step closer - rewards range from thanks on social media to the chance to be a duke or duchess for the day!





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