London Anti-Terrorism Training Centre

London Anti-Terrorism Training Centre

To establish an Anti-Terrorism Self-Defence Training Centre at London

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London has been assaulted by horrific terrorist attacks this Spring. According to numerous statements by authorities, the threat of terror will remain for some time. Countless innocents have been killed in these attacks. Its time to stand up and do something about it!

But there’s a problem

Many of the victims of these attacks died or were injured because they did not know how to react appropriately and instantly to avoid or survive them. This is tragic because most terrorists have little or no training, especially in hand-to-hand combat, and can be overcome with the right training.
While our deepest condolences go to those who lost family and friends under these tragic circumstances, we can, together, with both courage and knowledge, all help to prevent others from experiencing the same fate. We stand in solidarity with the people of London by offering this small remedy:

Here’s what we're proposing to do:

With training and preparation average pedestrians can learn to successfully defend themselves, counter an attacker, and even subdue him.
Our proposal is to set up a non-profit training Centre in the Greater London Area to give the general public who wants it, the skills necessary to defend oneself from high-risk incidents such as these, and to train professionals in other centres to give similar courses.
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Note Well: This project is part of a long term defence initiative for the UK known at the #UKDefenceLeague.  We are in not associated in any manner with the "English Defence League"