Limited Edition Prints Launch

Pledge and you could win a 30x20 inch Limited Edition Canvas worth £359!

Firstly, thank you for visiting my crowd funding page.  I will start by thanking anyone in advance who reads this and goes onto make a pledge. 

Many of the pledge options refer to calendars, prints and canvas.  These can all be viewed via my website gallery here

I am pleased to say that in addition to the savings offered on my products via the pledges, one person will also WIN a 30x20inch Limited Edition Premium Canvas if the fund target is reached.  If my target is met (but only if my target is met), everyone who has pledged will be entered into a draw.  One winner will be drawn at random and that person will receive a £359 canvas.  Delivery for the winner will be strictly UK only.

Each pledge = one entry

In addition extra automatic entries will be gained depending on how much has been pledged.  For each £10 pledged you will gain an extra entry.

e.g. you pledge £5 you gain 1 entry

pledge £10 you gain 1 entry for the pledge and 1 extra for the £10 pledged

pledge £100 you gain 1 entry for the pledge and 10 extra for the £100 pledged and so on

Please feel free to share this with anyone you think might be interested.  There is a huge range of pledge options, so there is something for everyone, including retailers.  The pledges, which can be seen to the right, are batched in order as follows, Norfolk Calendars, Landscape Postcards, Standard Prints, Standard Canvas Wraps, Limited Edition Fine Art Prints, Limited Edition Premium Canvas Wraps. 

What are my Limited Editions?  Why have I decided to produce Limited Editions?  Why do I do what I do?  Why do I need a Crowd Funding Appeal?  I hope that all these questions will be answered below.

Scroll down to see more details of the images that are due to be released as the Limited Editions

What are my Limited Editions and why have I decided to release these particular images as Limited Editions?

Over the previous 6 years I have captured Norfolk in a wide range of images, these have and will continue to be openly available is a wide range of options including postcards, greetings cards, calendars, prints and canvas.  During this time there is the occasional image captured which has a real story behind it.  I have decided that these images should be my first batch of strict Limited Editions.

Initially there are going to be 6 images available as Limited Editions, but over the coming months and years my plan is to add further images.  My guarentee to you is that the Limited Edition images will not only be strictly limited in numbers, but will also never be made available in any other format, so these will not be available as postcards, greetings cards or used in any of my Norfolk Landscape Calendars ever.

The 6 images will be available in two formats.  Full details as follows:-

Fine Art Signed Limited Edition Mounted Prints

Printed on Fotospeed NST Bright White 315gsm paper.  Natural soft textured bright white 315 is a 100%cotton, fine art paper with a very gentle texture.  The papers bright white base and gentle texture lends itself perfectly for landscape subjects. and delivers a high D-MAX and wide colour gamut.  Because the paper is matt art paper it offers no reflection (unlike photo paper)   The prints will then be mounted on high quality white core mount board.

Available in three sizes, it will be signed, numbered and supplied in a cellophane bag. You will also receive a certificate with the image confirming it's number, with the full story behind the image.   Each size will be strictly limited to just 25 (three sizes available so total limited of 75 prints per image)

(all standard frame sizes) as follows:-

16x12 inch - Consists of a 12x8 inch print, then mounted to 16x12 inch 

20x16 inch - Consists of 16x12 inch print, then mounted to 20x16 inch

70x50cm - Consists of 14x22 inch print, then mounted to 70x50cm

Premium Canvas Wraps

Using state of the art print technology the durable, yet delicate fine art wrap comes wrapped on a pine frame and sits flush to the wall.  With a depth of 35mm it creates a beautiful wall mounted piece of art.  The lustre finish with a satin laminate printed onto white cotton offers outstanding quality.

30x20 inch

36x24 inch

40x27 inch

60x40 inch

Once again, each size is restricted to a strict 25 and will be supplied with a signed certificate confirming it's number and the full story behind the image.

Images to be released as Limited Editions

Cromer Pier Sunset

Brancaster Beach

Poppies Over Brancaster Staithe

Happisburgh Lighthouse

Burnham Overy Staithe


Why do I do what I do?

From a very early age, the sights sounds and smells of the Norfolk Coast have been woven into my soul.  Several times a year, my family spent time in our caravan in Burnham Overy Staithe, where the beauty of Norfolk's unspoiled beaches and wide open skies provided a backdrop to what seemed like another world.  My passion for Norfolk's skies, fiery seas and fiery sunsets was born from a very early exposure (pardon the pun) to these, although this was in reality before I knew they were beautiful.   

During my late teen's my parents sadly had to let our caravan in Burnham Overy Staithe go due to finanicial circumstances.  With a family of my own now I dream of one day being able to own a caravan at Burnham Overy Staithe again, where my partner, our children and I can recreate the happy memories and holidays of my own childhood.

My life has been shaped by the beauty of this County of Norfolk, and I try to capture it in my own style, allowing others to enjoy its splendor.

And finally, why do I need your help through this Crown Funding Appeal?

To enable me to release and supply the above 6 images as a Limited Edition range, there are a number of things required.  Firstly, of cours I need to get the products produced (a very costly part).  In addition there will be other expenses with regards to the design and print of the Certificates and the puchase of high quality display units do show the products off at their best.  And finally, I will be holding an official Launch Event in Norwich later this year.  Anyone pledging with regards to the Limited Edition products will of course be the first to receive their products, with any remaining stocks being offered at the event.

If you have read this far I would like to thank you very much for your attention, and I hope this has given you a good insight into me, my products and why I am holding this Crowd Funding Appeal.  If you have any questions feel free to email