LGBT Parents

LGBT Parents

To support LGBT parents through rebuilding and modernising the current LGBT parents' platform, so we can keep it free for ALL users

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We are a free website, social networking platform and forum connecting LGBTQ parents (and prospective parents) across the UK and beyond.  The site connects LGBT parents, many of whom feel isolated, and aims to create an online (and real life) community supporting each other through the highs and lows of parenting.  A wonderful result of the site has been children of LGBT parents connecting too.

We have always believed in keeping this free for all members, and have always paid for it out of our own pocket.  We don't get any funding to help with the running costs of the site, and we can't afford to update it to keep it going.  Being a part of such a supportive LGBT community is really important to us - and will be to the children of LGBTQ parents as they grow up.  We desperately want to keep the site running, and to keep it free for all members to access.  Feedback from current members suggests the website is not easy to navigate (because it's currently a cheaper platform, due to our lack of funding) and we'd like to make it more accessible and user-friendly.

Our long term aim is to be able to maintain the site using funding from advertising, so that it can fund itself, but we need to overhaul the site first. Making it easier to navigate and more user-friendly would not only make it easier for parents to connect, but also make the site something advertisers would want to support, so the site can be maintained as free for all LGBT parents, regardless of their income.  We have been quoted £1800 for this, + £90 in tax/VAT from Crowdfunder, and approximately £70 in fees for card payments. 

The LGBT community has always been supportive to us, and we're proud to see the children of LGBT parents grow up without the prejudices that some of us are forced to face as LGBT people.  Helping to create a world with less prejudice is hugely important, but we're all too aware that prejudice and discrimination are still everyday events, and we're really keen to keep going to support the LGBT community, across the UK, the US and beyond.