Jack Lewis' EP

A Music project London, Greater London

After leaving my City job of 8 years, I would love your help in professionally producing my first EP.


Raised of £3,000 target


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Fund it This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 6:54pm 28th November 2016

Project owner

For years writing songs and playing music  has been my side thing. Calling it a hobby meant just that; I didn't have to take it seriously. But since leaving my job in the city I decided that this is something that I have to do - I'm recording an EP.  And I would love your help in making this happen. 

In order to make radio / spotify / itunes ready songs to the professional standard they need to be, I'll need a studio, producer/engineer, session musicians, and mastering.  This adds up to approximately £3,000.  This will give the EP shimmering electric guitar, solid grooving bass and haunting trumpet, giving the songs the vibe they have in my imagination.

Getting these songs out into the world is something I feel compelled to do. The work we have done so far has been a steep learning curve that I feel will shape my next steps.

Any contribution is greatly appreciated!