Help support Caroline Lucas in Parliament

To support Caroline Lucas MP in Parliament.

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About Caroline Lucas

Caroline Lucas MP is one of the most effective voices in Parliament. She fearlessly holds the Conservatives to account and she fiercely pushes Labour to be bolder.

She doubled her majority in the 2017 general election, because she’s an effective and hardworking constituency MP as well as a national campaigner and Green Party Leader.

Why We Need Your Help

In the 2017 General Election more people than ever before voted tactically. Significant numbers of Green supporters made a one off decision not to vote with their hearts but instead to vote tactically.

That means Caroline’s financial support has dropped by 50% too – the equivalent of 3.5 members of staff – because the funding that opposition parties get is calculated according to how many votes they get nationally.

 Caroline relies on her staff to help her stand up for what matters.

And with Brexit negotiations, Gove as Environment Secretary and Trump turning his back on the Paris Climate agreement, we need Caroline doing what she does best.

The Impact

The Conservative Government – in cahoots with the DUP - has plans for legislation that will give free rein to fracking companies, weaken protections for asylum seekers and refugees, attack civil liberties, and give a massive boost to the UK arms trade and the trade we do with dictators.

Caroline will consistently expose what’s going on, call out Ministers and campaign for a future we can all be proud of. She punches way above her weight but with a much smaller staff team her impact will be hugely reduced.

Caroline’s budget has been reduced by £8k a month. If just half of everyone who voted Green in 2015 or 2017 gave £1 we’d easily raise enough to keep the staff team going for 5 more years.

Other ways you can help

If you are unable to contribute financially, you can still help by asking your friends to chip in or sharing this page on social media.