Global View Commando: The Challenge

Global View Commando: The Challenge

Raising money and support for the victims of terrorism, regardless of race or religion

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Charity Survival Challenge and Concerts.

The Problem:

Terrorism is the term used to describe the use of intentional and unlawful violence to create fear in order to achieve political or religious objectives. It is the innocent civilians of this world who are affected by this global threat, as a global community we must work together to support these victims and demonstrate love and humanity will prevail.

The Solution:

Preliminary Phase. Raise development funds to create a global event to financially support victims of terrorism.

‘We are a global community!  Support us to be involved in creating the foundations of our movement, where our mission is to support the peaceful innocent people of this world and demonstrate that love and humanity will prevail’

Once the development funds are raised, the creation of a 4-day survival challenge located in the toughest environments in the world will begin, attended by global celebrities of different races, religions and sex’s who will be battling hunger, exhaustion, sleep deprivation and extremes in temperature. The challenge will end with a music concert tour supported by acclaimed artists. Throughout the duration of the project, further funds will be raised by live donations to:

  • Assist the victims of terrorism on their journey to recovery.
  • Fund training for civilians on how to react if a terrorist situation occurs.
  • Assist related charities and organisations around the globe.

How is the money being spent? 

Your hard-earned money will allow the development of the first truly global fundraising event of its kind to go ahead, from the initial planning and recce stage to the delivery of the final events.            

Any residue monies not required in the development stage will be put straight into supporting the rehabilitation of recent victims and their families.

Monies from the survival challenge and concerts will be distributed to charities and projects in different countries already supporting this global plight. Additionally, money will be invested into preventative measures from these devastating attacks.

Let's now be people of action. Pledge today and make a positive step to help our brothers and sisters.

'It's time to be proactive and not reactive in dealing with this global threat. We must leave a peaceful legacy for our children!'


When will the event go ahead?

The intention is for the challenge event to commence on 16th January 2018, lasting for 4 days with the first of the Official Challenge Afterparty concerts on the evening of the 19th  January. Upto 4 further afterparty concerts in various locations will take place on consecutive Fridays after the first event. Locations and artists TBC soon.

How will I follow the events and your progress?

Please follow our progress through the following links:

  • Twitter: I'm supporting @crowdfunderuk
  • Facebook: I'm supporting

What celebrities will be involved in The Challenge?

Global celebrities of different races, religions, sex’s and industries. Details will soon be released. 

 What else can I do to help?

Please donate here.

You can also raise awareness by sharing our movement with your friends, family and on your social media platforms.

Can my company sponsor this event?

Yes, please contact us on

What is the Peace Wall?

The Peace Wall is a stone monument that will be located around the world dedicated to the  memory of those who have lost their lives as a result of terrorism.

For individuals or corporations wishing to learn more please contact our team direct on