A team of everyday people will be enduring a "Year of Pain" of physical events in order to raise much needed funds to help this new charity.

Bedazzle is a new personal development charity for young people, helping them overcome whatever difficulty they may be facing in life and being reactive to individual needs in the support and provision it offers. As a charity their approach is fully inclusive and the services they offer are vast; from counselling  and mentoring, training and accreditation, to opportunities and campaigns promoting active citizenship. A team of adult supporters, who believe in the charities aims have agreed to take part in a year of physical events to challenge themselves personally and to raise much needed funds to help the charity in its set up. The first milestone in this year of pain will be the Birmingham half Marathon in October 2016, concluding with the Birmingham International Marathon in October 2017.

Already the charity is receiving referrals and has established some strong partnerships with schools, organisations and trusts. The money raised will help them secure a base for their work and help them to employ some apprentices to help run the charity. They are currently funded entirely by donations and all staff work on a voluntary basis. The charity currently works across Birmingham, West Midlands and London.

It is well documented in the media that services for young people across the public sectors are not getting the funding they used too. This has resulted in gaps in provision for young people and particularly in the transitionary periods of their life - be this in education, in their personal life or within NHS or Social services.