Animus: the graphic novel

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Animus: the graphic novel

Animus is a moving, gripping and sometimes humorous graphic novel about animals fighting back. A book full of love, rage and stunning art.

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Animus will be the second book published by Invisible Six; a new small publishing company, based in Glossop, near Manchester. Animus is a moving, gripping and sometimes humorous graphic novel with a strong theme of animal rights and respect for nature. It's written by SM Worsey and illustrated in striking black and white by Brian Gorman, whose other works include Everyman - The Story of Patrick McGoohan, and Borderliners: True Realities.

SM Worsey has completed the script and Brian is drawing a page a day. They need funding to finish the project and cover the print bill. There's a variety of perks available for funders, and they'll have the satisfaction of knowing they've helped get an exciting and ethically-motivated book out into the world.

Animus tells the story of a tough, determined female badger, who assembles a skilled team of animals in order to liberate other animals, save lives and exact revenge on cruel humans. The main characters include a fox, a beagle, a rabbit, a cat, an ex-racehorse and a raven.