Alphabetically Autistic

We want to bring Really Reilly to classrooms and teach children it's ok to be different. Encourage diversity and autism understanding.

Alphabetically Autistic are 3 mothers of autistic children ranging from 5 to 21. Verbal and non verbal.  We have a passion for change.  With our Theatre of Education we aim to educate making the lives of autistic people and their families a little easier.


Reilly is different.  Reilly doesn't always do as he is told.

He can be annoying, he won't sit still in the reading corner, he lines up cars and won't drive them properly.

He can't catch a ball, he won't line up at break time and he sometimes sits under the table at dinner time.

Really Reilly what are we going to do with you?

He won't share, he won't play with us, it's always his way or no way.  He doesn't even like us very much!

or does he ? 

Performed by adult actors portraying children Really Reilly is written specifically to engage with children and raise awareness of autism in primary classrooms.

Telling the story of Reilly a young autistic boy Really Reilly is funny, informative and educational.  

Autistic children are often mocked in parks and other play areas simply because children don't understand the message from schools will naturally flow with the children.

Really Reilly comes with it's own performance pack which will allow teachers/assistants to carry on awareness sessions after the performance.

Reilly is different

We're all different

It's ok to be diffrent