What is Crowdfunder?

Together, we are crowdfunding the future


Crowdfunding is an alternative means of funding that allows individuals to take their ideas forward and make them a reality with the power of the crowd and change the world around them.

Everyone has a great idea and here at Crowdfunder we want to make as many ideas as possible succeed.

Whether you own an existing business, want to launch a new one, are a school, work in the creative industry, need funds for a social enterprise, are a charity, or are just an individual with a fantastic idea then we can help you raise the funds needed for your project.


Together project owners and supporters make great ideas happen



We are the UK’s largest crowdfunding network having launched thousands of projects and raised over £2m.

Since merging with Peoplefund.it in 2012, and launching our network of 101 local newspaper websites with Local World Ltd, Crowdfunder is now the UK's leading reward-based crowdfunding platform.

In early 2014 we held an equity fundraise on our sister site, Crowdcube making us one of the fastest ever crowdfunded equity projects and welcoming an exciting group of new shareholders to the Crowdfunder community.  Our shareholders include Crowdcube, Nesta and food campaigner Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

Here at Crowdfunder, we have the ability to raise 40k in just six days, have helped the youngest crowdfunder ever, at only seven years old, raise money for his cookery book and got more than 5000 children planting trees in their schools with Fruitshare.

We have huge celebrity support reaching out to over 70,000,000 followers.

We're an innovative funding platform launched by KEO digital, makers of rivercottage.net, fishfight.net, landshare.net and energyshare.com.

We’re also working with a number of partners including NESTA and Plymouth University.

We strive to provide our project owners with the best tools to help them reach their crowdfunding targets and no project is too big or small.

Join the Crowdfunder revolution today!


Crowdfunder Partners

If you have large numbers of projects that you would like to help crowdfund then we would love to help. Please have a look at our Crowdfunding Partner Programmes.


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