A Co-operative and Divinatory Board Game

I have developed a co-operative and divinatory board game and need funding to produce the first 100.

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This project will only be funded if at least £1,200 is pledged by 9:59am 8th November 2017

The game Ask The Village is an entertaining and engaging way of reflecting back insights about yourself. You start with a question and follow where the game takes you. It opens a convivial space to share with your friends and encourages you to connect with nature, animals and trees. There are two ways you can play it. This more in-depth way for teenagers and upwards and another simpler way for all age groups.

This game brings people together in a co-operative way. It gives us insights and encouragement on our personal journeys, wherever we are on our life's path. It opens up a friendly and sharing environment with the other players. It is fun to play and yet profound in where it takes you. Even after the game is over it gives opportunities for further personal work and participation with the other players in uplifting and co-operative activities.