2 guide dogs for 2 young visually impaired

2 guide dogs for 2  young visually impaired

Funds raising to cover some costs for training 2 guide dogs to be given free to 2 young visually impaired

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 Being young we want to be like everyone else do what everyone else does and not always have to rely on our parents all the time.

Young and visually impaired can make one feel different and isolated. You are in constant need of a helper taking you to meet friends or school and all the things  a visibly able can do without having to ask someone for help all the time.

I have all my life worked with people and their care.   My love for dogs and an urge to give something back to someone special  I became an asssistance dog trainer and is now chairman of Alertalegria - Caes de Assistencia  de Internacional / Assistance Dogs International.  Our charity is a non profit organisation  and now have the chance in a lifetime to take  2 dogs mentally and physically  tested  to train  with one of UK´s most experienced Guide Dog trainers.

After the dogs  are qualified  GUIDE DOGS 2 young visually impaired  in Portugal will be matched.

Why Portugal?

I have visited Portugal for longer periods since 1999. In all the years I have only seen 1 guide dog.  Portugal used to give 67% goverment funding for guide dogs.  It stopped when money was tight and there are no signs of it starting again.

Families with a disabled member of the family have very little support in Portugal from the goverment.  Medical costs  are high.  Specialist treatments often mean travels to other part of the country or outside Portugal. It puts an enormous strain on already economically burdened families and their children. To buy a guide dog is  therefore out of the question in spite of having the best laws for assistance and guide dogs in the world. Access everywhere!


With your money at least 2 of the 1000 visually impaired´s life will change .


Please donate generously!


1 guide dogs training costs:

Dog purchased from  a breeder 700€ ( Portugal ) I will csthoose a mentally suitable dog from a foster family or rehoming.

Puppy foster and training 1st year 2000€ including food, vaccination, puppy classes excluding foster family fees

Basic training 17 500€ , public spaces, basic obedience 350h á 50€

Advanced  and technical training 10 000€ , obstacles , pavements etc

Training the visually impaired with his/her dog 3 500€ ; 3 weeks,  150€/ day

Total 32 700€ per dog

For 23 000 sterling ( 28 000€) I will train 2 dogs!


Please donate generously!