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Crowdfunder and Calor are working together to support projects that are making a difference to rural communities across the UK.

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Rural community fund crowdfunding projects

Debden new village hall image

Debden New Village Hall Essex

To build a new village hall for the local community in the village centre of Debden, Essex.

  • 19 supporters
  • £706 raised
  • 109 days
Tayinloan youth club image

Tayinloan Youth Club Argyll and Bute

The aim of the project is to set up a Youth Club in Tayinloan Hall for Primary and pre-school children.

Successfully overfunded

  • 18 supporters
  • £625 raised
  • 50 days
The living room image

The Living Room Wigtown

To create a “ Living Room” within the Community Centre - a place for those with any disability to come and use what the room has to offer

  • 14 supporters
  • £245 raised
  • 56 days
Wheels to adventure image

Wheels to Adventure Dumfries

Sports Driving Unlimited needs a new accessible carriage so more disabled people can enjoy the excitment and challenge of pony driving

  • 2 supporters
  • £110 raised
  • 47 days
A smart new floor for our hall image

A Smart New Floor for our Hall Kent

To replace the floor: removal of existing composition floor, replacement of ground plates, joists and resurfacing.

  • 4 supporters
  • £60 raised
  • 55 days

What is the Calor Rural Community Fund?

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Crowdfunding as part of the Calor Rural Community Fund lets you raise money from the crowd at the same time as collecting votes for your project. 

Your project could even be eligible for a grant from one of our extra funding partners.

Even better, we’re also giving an extra £100 towards the first 20 projects to raise £100 from more than 10 supporters. (Terms & conditions apply)

You’ve got access to all the tips and guidance you need to make a great crowdfunding campaign and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

How does it work?


Step 1

Set up your Calor Rural Community Fund account.  Visit to set up your account and start your application form 


Step 2

Set up your Crowdfunding project. Once you’ve started your Community fund application form, you can then set up your crowdfunding project


Step 3

Link your crowdfunding project to your Calor Rural Community Fund application. We'll email you some easy peasy instructions on how to do this once you’ve set up your crowdfunding project.


Step 4

Your project goes live! When your Calor Rural Community Fund project has been submitted and approved, you’ll receive a notification from the Calor Rural Community Fund. Both your Calor Rural Community Fund project and Crowdfunder project will go live on 2 May 2019.


Step 5

Reach out to your community for support. You’ll need to gain support from your community for Community fund votes and also encourage them to donate through Crowdfunder to bring your rural community project to life

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Crowdfund Stories: Knoydart Community Hall

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Join Bertie, our Crowdfunding coach, in the rural community of Knoydart, finding out how they crowdfunded their community hall

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