Zulu Workshops School Project

Zulu Workshops School Project

Promoting respect , unity , self awareness, positive approach to Cultural Diversity. Develop teamwork, social and learning skills.Community

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Out Of Africa Productions UK

This is the plan :

To design Zulu costumes 2. Marketing materials, to  presentations around the country including transport.   3. Work with schools , Colleges Universities , Team building activities/workshops for businesses. Themed events and International countries using educational methods mixed with my experience

Build a Zulu village theme for Zoos with African animals and brings dancers , Art & Crafts , Activities , face painting, dance,music workshops to create a real life scene and great experience for families take pictures,create great memories Create Zulu Dance fitness programme for people to have fun ,socialize ,meet new friends while getting fit

(Unleash The Warrior Witnin) as we know Zulu dance is a powerful , energetic dance. I love seing people sharing fun times