Zubi London at your service!

by Zubi London in London, England, United Kingdom

Zubi London at your service!
We did it
On 30th March 2020 we successfully raised £10,000 with 104 supporters in 28 days

ZUBI, A community shopping platform which aids women through their shopping journey and creates the perfect experience.

by Zubi London in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With the extra money, we can begin to expand our project and recruit young people who are looking to get experience in the fashion industry.


I am a fashion buying graduate who has a vision of infiltrating the fashion industry in order to influence the way women shop and solve the issues woman face purchasing clothing online.

Woman aren't one size fit.

One of the biggest problems I want to solve is the lack of diversity in advertising body types and skin tones in the fashion industry. Zubi is a community focused online fashion brand which aims to bring people together through the use of clothing and technology. Customer satisfaction is one of our core values and we aim to maintain a high quality service through constant interaction with our audience and creating a transparent platform which transforms our customers' needs into a reality. Many women especially young women are influenced by the media and pressured to look a certain way based on how they are portrayed on magazines, billboards, online and TV. 

Nothing wrong with being skinny, but there is something wrong with the idea that a size 8 is superior to a size 12 and as a consequence many women don’t feel body confident.


ZUBI London is an online fashion brand made for all women; promoting the community aspect of fashion industry by creating a transparent platform that will encourage women to feel body confident and empowered in their clothing. A place where customers can interact and engage with the brand to ensure we are continuously meeting needs and exceeding expectations.


We believe in the future technology and innovation will become more advanced and with the increase of online retailers and the inability to touch and feel fabrics, we would like to bridge the gap by allowing customers to engage with products through product videos, visual Zubi shopper reviews as well as a video feature which allows customers to share feedback with new customers. We take pride in creating customer loyalty and product satisfaction.  


Not all customers have the luxury to nip over to YouTube to watch a blogger’s review with the exact item and similar body type.

Every woman wants to feel confident with their purchase and dreads the reality of disappointment. 

The makeup industry has successfully identified and tackled the issues of the largely disputed problem with the lack of skin tone variation. 

Similar to this, many fashion retailers, especially within fast fashion have adopted this model however there is still room for further growth.

One would argue that this is merely a marketing strategy however as a former sales assistant, buyers assistant, fashion blogger and now entrepreneur, I can safely suggest that inclusion of all body types, skin tones and cultures would not decrease sales but actually increase customer loyalty. 



We take pride in customers satisfaction and our primary goal is to make our customers and our community happy, each month we will select one lucky customer and make their wish come through. This is our way to appreciate our customers and give back into the community.


We want to reach as many people as possible and we believe that a mobile application and rebranding our website will help us achieve our goal; unfortunately, we are a start-up and trying to raise investment is a difficult a mission this is why we are turning to the crowd and asking for your help in order to be able to achieve our plans and grow ZUBI into a leading online fashion brand.

The funding will be spent in:

 -UI/UX (user interface, user experience)

-App development 


-Website Rebranding


With you help we believe we can bring innovation into the fashion industry and inspire so many women to feel confident about their body. Thank you.


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