Zsi & Joe Memorial Exhibition Fund

The Exhibition Fund is a project in memory of Zsi Gyetvai and Joe Bampton. The exhibition launches the beginning of new life and creation to celebrate their lives and remember the legacy they left behind to friends and family. We hope that your contributions will help build on future publications of the artists' works, raise funds towards the memorial exhibition in London in October 2013 and build a life long legacy for support in the creative arts in communities in Liverpool and Veszprem, Hungary.

We did it!

On 18th Oct 2013 we successfully raised £428 of £350 target with 8 supporters in 28 days

The Memorial Exhibition Fund for Zsi Chimera & Joe Bampton is a celebration to the lives they lead as inspiring artists. We wish to gather as a community under the roof of creative dialogue to share our inspirations, memories of the wonderful human beings the pair of them were and recognise the legacies of what they leave behind. 

The Memorial Exhibition will launch the start of a new journey of encounters through creative dialogue and practice. We hope that this Exhibition will grow a progressive fund supporting its development and to recognise, engage and encourage the legacy of art & community by continual support and extending their promises by: 

1. developing creative workshops through arts community & education for youths in Zsi's & Joe's local hometowns; 2. a possible public publication of Zsi and Joe's artwork autobiographies through literature, and visual essays; 3. a series of possible local continuing exhibitions of the works by the two artists

Your donations will help us to make this exhibition possible and a heartfelt experience for you all and will contribute to the costs of the gallery space, publications of Zsi and Joe's artworks as well as developing creative educational workshops for the future, as stated above.

To thank you for your contributions and support, we would like to offer you a series of creative gifts! Including Artists' works, live performances, workshop in printmaking, amongst many others!

For family and friends Zsi & Joe stood as gentle souls, inspired, gifted and loving to the community around them. We hope that this gathering will be a way of communal dialogue rather than a "show", a continuing journey and process of healing and meeting with the ones who loved them the most, to become best in ourselves through their inspiration & love and remember them always. This dedication is about love and celebration for life.

The exhibition opens from 4pm on Friday 11th of October until Sunday 13th October at Asylum Gallery.

Exhibition features Friday throughout Sunday:live performances; film screenings; prize draw; open kitchen; & Live Drawing Workshop

Featured Artists include:Nathalie Mba Bikoro; Damian Harmata; Martina Ziewe; Chris Arning; Raf West; Toin Adams, Carolina Maggio; Chris Baxter; Alex Chase White; Pete Vere Simmons; Charles Foster Hall; Elizabeth Willow; Hannah Benini; Dagmar Glausnitzer-Smith; Alexander Rues; Larraine Bampton

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