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The gospel has become the best kept secret in the UK. We want to open up that Jesus story again, giving a look in to many who aren't looking

by Urban Devotion in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

The gospel is fast becoming the best kept secret in the UK. We want to open up that Jesus story again, giving a look in to many who aren't looking. 

In the last 15 years we've met loads of young people from all sorts of backgrounds in the 4 estates where we live and work in North Birmingham. Lots of those young people have shared big questions with us about why they're alive, how to hold onto hope in uncertain times and how to survive the biggest struggles they're facing. We've always believed that the good news Jesus brought to planet earth still shines the brightest light a human being can find into the darkest corners of those deep questions.

In an effort to help people to see how that Jesus story relates to their own, we've created ZoomUp. ZoomUp is an online resource featuring 14 original videos along with hours of adaptable resources designed to spark and sustain in-depth conversations all about Jesus, about why what He has to offer is still the clearest answer to life's hardest questions.  

ZoomUp is made of 3 basic elements:

1) Videos - we've made 6 original spoken word videos, captured 6 real life stories of answers to prayer and 2 original animated videos, all of which explore the ongoing story of Jesus.

2) Card decks - we've created an original deck of 6 card games designed to spark conversations, break the ice and introduce the themes discussed in the videos.

3) Session plans - we've published a 6 session outline complete with games, discussion points, links to further videos and take home challenges, all of which are designed to help youth workers pick up a ready made recipe for some great gospel-focused sessions.

We'd love to give away what we've been able to produce as far and wide as possible, and that's where you come in; we're looking for some passionate partners to help us deliver a big, free giveaway...


Getting specific, we'd like to do 3 things:

1) A mahoosive online campaign.  (Should mahoosive have 2 's's?) We'd love to use the beauty of online algorithms, targeted advertising technology and social media expertise to fast track the amazing stories of hope we've been able to collect to young people all over the world who are facing hopeless situations and wondering where to turn. £150 per video enables us to put a big megaphone into a noisy world of social media platforms and aim it right at the people who'll be most ready to listen. 

2) Card games. In the process of developing ZoomUp we came across an ingenious creative idea that used decks of cards to take excellent, original resources to the pockets of youth workers across the country. We spoke to the friends who'd worked on these and came up with our own little adaptation. We've now got a prototype design for a free deck of 6 play-tested original card games that we'd love to put into the back pockets of youth workers and others who are looking for creative ways to introduce gospel conversations. We'll QR code the deck boxes, turning a handheld group game set into a mobile access point for finding all the videos and online resources we've created.

3) Events. We'd love to run some of our own and visit others. We're already in discussions with friends on the steering groups of 2 national youth work conferences about bringing ZoomUp to the table. We'd love to put it in the hands of the people who will most directly benefit from its use.

We want to help young people in the UK and beyond to see a bigger story. We want to tell them that wherever they are, if they'd just take a minute to zoom out - to zoom up - they'll find the best reason there ever was to hope, to smile, to live.


  • £5 lets us print a card deck
  • £10 lets us print and mail a card deck out to a youth worker
  • £50 and we can boost a video on one social media platform to reach 8,000-10,000 people
  • £150 enables a full social media package around one of our gospel videos, sending it around the world to be seen by 20,000 + 
  • £500 pays for a promotional event OR 3 fully boosted videos OR 100 card decks linking 100 youth workers to all the free resources
  • £1000 and we can extend our print run by 200 decks OR grow our online reach by 100,000 + viewers 

If you're able to help in any way, thank you!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

Director's cuts

We'll send you an early online link with access to all the ZoomUp videos plus 2 longer cuts of stories we felt compelled to capture in greater depth

£15 or more

1 of 20 claimed

ZoomUp card deck

We'll send you an early copy of our original set of 6 ZoomUp card games

£40 or more

1 of 10 claimed

Memory stick and card deck

We'll send you everything in one place, all pre-organised into sub folders and ready to use. You'll get a complete set of ZoomUp videos and resources before they're released to the general public

£100 or more

0 of 5 claimed

Skype conference call

We'll arrange a face to face chat over skype to hear about what your plans are for using ZoomUp, send you the resource and take you through it step by step and help you form a plan to make the best use of it where you are. We'll even send you a free bag of ethically sourced coffee beans so we can share a cuppa over skype as we chat...

£500 or more

0 of 3 claimed

Intro visit and training

We'll come to you anywhere in mainland UK and work through the resource with anybody you'd like us to train up. If you'd like us to speak to your church, home group or any other local gathering, screen some of the films and host a Q & A we'll gladly step into that while we're with you.

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