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I have been awarded a unique artist in residency at Summit Utah. I plan to create a large mural during my stay.

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Project aim

I am very fortunate to have been selected for the Summit artist in residency programme this September, where I plan to paint a super-sized painting and create an array of artworks for a gallery show.Summit is the leading community for entrepreneurs, innovators and thought leaders who believe that business and collaboration are tools that should be used to affect positive impact in the world.

About the Artist 

Elvis Ellis Is a contemporary Berlin-based British artist.

Elvis has an extensive background in fashion, having designed for Alexander McQueen, G star raw, and ME London, amongst others. Ellis’s deep understanding of design principles, coupled with his commitment to the craft of painting and willingness to think big and risk-take produce artworks of immense ingenuity, dynamism and skill.

The key idea of Ellis’s artistic vision is taking something small and making it big, which he pursues in his Dot Matter series, laboriously hand-painting, cutting, and compiling hundreds - thousands of unique dots, and in his Zoom Exploited series where he expands/explodes the colours and textures in each dot. He combines wild, freeform painting with rigorous dedication to style, form and flow.

Ellis’s mode of creating reveals painting as an intuitive process, where the canvas is a space for thought. Each circle is a seed for a greater composition. Each finished composition is a microcosm built by the will to make a mark and communicate through colour. Ellis’s unique mixed media technique of combining acrylic paint with reflective foil complicates the status of painting by teasing apart the age-old dialectics of illusion and surface, as well as volume and flatness, in order to point to and delight in the sly nature of painting.

The resultant effect is a movement of the medium of painting altogether beyond categories such as ‘pop’ and ‘abstract’, towards a celebration of the gesture of creating as such. For Ellis, painting is affirmation: affirmation of the possible as an ever-expandable thing.


About the project 

This is an incredible opportunity for me to expand on my Zoom Exploited art series and explore further the key concept of how the motion of zooming into the little things, gives us a greater understanding of how to rebuild and remodel the bigger things.

I plan to execute at Summit a super-sized large scale painting that will be an exploded view of a selected composition I have created. This composition will be selected from an array of painted textures inspired by the language of the landscape, with a colour palette created from pigments extracted from found local geological materials.I will present this selected composition alongside its larger counterpart at a specific viewing point enabling both artworks to be viewed in their entirety at the same time.

Alongside the Zoom Exploited series I will also be creating several artworks as part of my Dot Matter series. Where I will take the compositions and textures I have created and combine them with other media such as reflective foils, coloured pencils and acrylic paint sticks. These will then be hand-cut into dots and assembled to form abstract dot matrix images. These pieces will be exhibited at the Summit hosting weekend.

Summit are helping realise my vision by helping with some travel expenses, accommodation and materials. I really want to make the most out of this opportunity by exceling the quality and scale of each artwork that I will produce.   To allow me to do this I need to raise this extra money for additional materials, travel and insurance. 

Below is my proposal and schedule for my residency at Summit.

1st week: Connecting with the Atmosphere / Landscape / Community.

Initially I will create a colour palette from Summit's natural surroundings. I would like to forage the scenery for colour. Collecting native rock, encapsulating these minerals into pigments. I will then create acrylic paints & acrylic paint sticks. 

2nd week: Painting & Creating.

I will create an array of painted textures on canvas and card, inspired by and created with the location’s surroundings (colour, raw materials & feel etc).This body of work acts as a catalyst for the next stage in the process, whereby I make a selection of cropped areas, in which I find my perfect compositions.

3rd week: Scaling and Assembling Artwork

I will conclude by taking my selections and scan these at a high resolution. This will aid me to exploit hidden textures, by enlarging and creating scaled paintings. I will create one to two large scaled sites specific paintings (i.e. on buildings) and potentially four to five 120cm x 120cm canvases, which we can show as an exhibition of works at the end of my stay.




Printed on to somerset Enhanced Velvet 330gsm Signed and numbered by the artist.

Each of these prints are availible in the two sizes 23cm x 23cm or 50cm x 50cm. Please select A,B or C when ordering. 

Limited edition of 25 each pcs, for each size only.



Pledge £75

Original artwork 1/1

Acrylic paints + Gold Leaf on card

23cm x 23cm. Framed

Pledge £200

Original artwork 1/1

Acrylic paints + Gold Leaf on card

50 x 50 cm. Framed

Pledge £450

Original artwork 1/1

Original,Acrylic paints + Gold Leaf on card 

80 x 80 cm. Framed

Pledge £1000

Original artwork 1/1

Acrylic paints on canvas 

90 x 90 cm. Circular canvas

Pledge £1500

Original artwork 1/1

Acrylic paints + Gold Leaf on card 

120cm x 120cm. Framed


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