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ZoneUm - Unconditionally Me

by Natasha Juniper in 

We did it
On 12th August 2016 we successfully raised £55 with 3 supporters in 106 days

We believe that when you understand your value at an early age you have a better chance of overcoming the challenges we face as we grow up

by Natasha Juniper in

Hello and thank you so much for stopping by and spending some time with us, we really appreciate it.

We are ZoneUm- Unconditionally Me

ZoneUm - Unconditionally Me will be an online resource where youngsters can access through their own secure login a series of self-help videos, tips and downloads designed to nurture them through their transitions, the first being from primary to secondary school.

Working with specialists, small businesses, entrepreneurs and older teens we will create content that talks their language in the way they understand through their mediums

These videos will cover but not be limited to:

How to be safe online and mobile safety – unconditionally Safe

How to look after your skin, hair, nails and how to do age relevent make up – Unconditionally Beautiful

How to build your inner core and help posture through exercise – Unconditionally Fit

How to choose and create the right foods – Unconditionally Healthy

And most importantly how to build self-confidence – Unconditionally Me 

This will give them the tools a modern youngster needs to THRIVE 

Don't just take our word for it

Ann Harkin, qualified Mental Health Nurse and Midwife said. "I have three children two of whom suffer with anxiety and depression. School transitions have always been a trigger for their anxiety. Therefore when I heard about ZoneUm I was excited. Finally a safe,screened environment where children,heading from the relative security of Primary School into the larger more independent world of Secondary, can access a site, at their own pace, that can provide cool, non prescriptive advice on a range of high trend topics. Totally private to that young person, guaranteed to set them on the right path. It's a no brainer and Schools will delight in the positive results ZoneUm will no doubt provide as it grows.

Lisa Pinkerton, Deputy Head of a Primary School said  "Historically, the transition from primary to secondary school has always been a challenge for children. Moving from the secure base where they have been since their earliest memories to, what seems to be, an enormous unknown is daunting to say the least. In today's world, this is further complicated by the ease of access to an enormous amount of information. Sifting out what is relevant, helpful and reliable is extremely difficult, time consuming and, sometimes, frightening. This product bypasses all of this, pointing children, at a particularly vulnerable time in their lives, to reliable and informative sources of information. It can educate them to ensure that they feel equipped to deal with many of the challenges moving to 'big school' and also teach them how to use technology effectively and to access social media thoughtfully, with consideration of their future. It will be the 'go to' resource, providing them with safe, secure and relevant information."

Flair Gougoulia Mother, Businesswoman and Journalist said "The pressures on young people in todays modern society are just so intense. As a mother of a teenage boy, I am only too aware of how much youngsters are being bombarded, by social media in particular, to be like someone, act like someone, have things like someone.As a journalist, and as someone who has written about mental health in young people, I am only too aware that young people, particularly between the ages of 10 and 14 are increasingly not able to cope with these pressures and are suffering terrible consequences as a result. The figures for issues amongst our young are heartbreaking.  The media and politicians seem to be finally waking up to what is a growing epidemic of mental health issues in our young. Initiatives like this need to be encouraged to help with what is frankly one of the biggest problems facing families and young people in our society today 

What are we asking? We ask you to come with us on our Journey, talk to us, support us, let us know what we as parents could add to ZoneUm to help our children, Vote for us on VOOM2016 to get us exposure we couldn't get from any where else at this early stage. Support us with Pledges so we can invest in developing our website and videos faster.

What difference will your support and funding make to us... it will help us to make ZoneUm reality sooner rather than later.

What difference will it make to our children.... cast your mind back to being 11/12 years old, all those thoughts and emotions going from primary to secondary school, all that excitement and fear now add onto that the relentless unfiltered information they have access to online. What if,  ZoneUm can help them stop the noise, when they are online, we can utilise the internet so that they can log into ZoneUm and have a period of clarity, when they can see older teens saying its ok, when they can see the passion of entrepreneurs talking about how best to keep fit, have healthy relationships with food, enhance their beauty, let them know they don't have to know everything right now and how to to trust themselves,, what if in that moment they see themselves and they see their value then this is surely the biggest gift we as parents, adults, teachers, professionals, humans can give to our next generation... That is how we believe we can make a difference to our children.

How will we spend your pledges? We can invest in a fully interactive website and create the best videos and content ever!

How will we spend VOOM2016 Money? We intend to create the next in our series, so we can reach out to all our young adults and just give a little guidance when they think they are on their own...... Sometimes just knowing you are not the only one feeling lost whilst growing up and that yes it is sometimes hard to do- but if we can do it together we can make it a little easier and understand just how valuable we are - then we naturally also understand everyone elses value too.

We would love you to come with us,

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thank you for reading this and watching our video what can you do now?? 

Please click on vote  to help us get mass exposure we couldn't have got anywhere else at this stage plus possibly the chance to win!

And if you can pledge on our crowdfunder too, then wow! That would be amazing, we have some great rewards in offer for your kind pledge and you can get involved in bringing ZoneUm - Unconditionally Me to reality.... Thank you xx


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