Zombie movie

To raise £500 to completely fund my first feature film. The film will be a comedy zombie film set in stoke on trent and will involve a cast of 100's. The money will be used to pay for the creation of the many special make up effects that will be used for the film.

We did it!

On 27th Aug 2013 we successfully raised £537 of £500 target with 44 supporters in 28 days

After numerous short films I am now doing my first feature length movie. It will be a comedy/zombie/horror that is set in stoke on trent,think pulp fiction crossed with dawn of the dead and this is england. 

Any one who has seen my short films will know that I have achieved a lot by using very small or no budgets at all,the biggest being £15 for the white room. The video featured here shows what I achieved with a budget of only £8 .

This feature length film will be my most ambitious film to date and I will need around £500 to make it to good effect. This will all be spent on materials for the special make up effects . Everything else such as the the film crew and all equipment is already in hand and the amazing people I have around me who allow me to do these projects by giving their time and enthusiasim.

The film will be shot and based in Stoke-on-Trent and will include over 500 local extras and cast, and will feature many local landmarks and attractions. The soundtrack will also be done by local bands and artists. On completion the film will be pushed for a dvd distribution, pushed for film festivals and will have a premier at a local cinema.

Any profit made from the film will go direct to 3 local charities - Give it sum, The Donna Louise Trust and The Douglas Macmillan.

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