Zombex: Corby

Zombex: Corby

We are raising start up funds for Zombex: Corby, an immersive Horror Experience

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Most of our funding will come from ticket sales, however due to start up costs including equipment purchase, reports to satisfy the Health & Safety Requirements, we need to raise more funds. 

Jim and Jamie had the idea for the Corby Zombie Experience in early 2016 and it proved quickly to get a following, we have since secured a location, found a award winning author to write our story. 

Our First event will be in late october, and we hope that through crowdfunding we will be able to source all the equipment, and secure further locations, to hold additional events throughout the year - at this time, we are looking  at the Corby area for additional events, and looking to francise our brand, and story to other areas in the future.

So far we have met all costs from our own pocket, however there is a limit to what we can do - This is where we need your help