Zoe's Veterinary Fund

by Jade Wright in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

Zoe's Veterinary Fund


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Super-dog!Meet Zoe! She's a beautiful, loving, super-friendly Staffie X who hasn't had the easiest of lives. Last week (14/03/20) my long-he...

by Jade Wright in Norwich, England, United Kingdom


Meet Zoe! She's a beautiful, loving, super-friendly Staffie X who hasn't had the easiest of lives. Last week (14/03/20) my long-held dreams of adopting a dog came true when I collected her from the Rescue Kennels  brought her back to her forever home, where she has settled in beautifully.  

From the beginning...

For Zoe and I, it was love at first sight! On my first visit to the Kennels in February, Zoe and I chose each other immediately and I was keen to bring her home as soon as possible. I asked lots of questions to make sure that I was prepared for her arrival and sure that I  could give Zoe the best life possible. I was told by both the Kennels, and the RSPCA who carried out the home check and subsequent adoption, that Zoe was in good health, other than needing a vaccination which is already booked in for her in April.

The RSPCA also assured me that I would be covered by free Pet Plan Insurance for the first month of having Zoe, before having to sign up to payment the month after. As I was given accompanying paperwork for this, I didn't think to query it. 

After six fun-filled days with Zoe, I have had to attend three Veterinary appointments with her due to her poor health. Zoe is diagnosed as being underweight, suffering from acute anaemia, a chronic ear infection and a spleen condition, so her Veterinary fees have pretty much bankrupted me already. The RSPCA have refused to pay a single penny towards her treatment/ongoing appointments and potential surgery, despite lying to me when claiming she was in good health at the time of adoption. 

To add insult to injury, on calling Pet Plan insurance, I was informed that the RSPCA/Kennels had not arranged for Zoe to have a month of free insurance- in fact, they didn't even know that Zoe had been adopted, making the paperwork given to me by the RSPCA null and void. Sadly, she has little to no chance of getting insured now, due to her laundry list of health problems which had been concealed from me.  

Begging like a dog

I genuinely never thought I'd become one of those annoying people who beg for donations on social media, and yet here we are! 

Joking aside, any slight drop in the ocean will help towards the fees for Zoe's ongoing treatments, and both Zoe and I will be eternally grateful for any contribution we are able to raise. Zoe is an absolute dream come true for me, and I am so proud to call her my dog.

Tomorrow, we are celebrating our one week anniversary of her moving into her fur-ever home by going for her first ever 5 star grooming experience- booked and paid for before I knew I was about to spend all of my earnings on pre-existing health problems!

Thank you for taking the time to read the ramblings of this crazy dog lady. 

Zoe sends all of her love and licks xxx 

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