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ZEROMAX Bet finds arbitrage betting opportunities allowing users to bet on all outcomes of a game, making a profit regardless of the outcome

by Huston Alicks in Solihull, England, United Kingdom

As a python developer, and someone that is passionate about finding value in data, I developed ZEROMAX Bet to help individuals like yourself to make money, risk free, online.

ZEROMAX Bet is a subscription service that provides valuable information to its users.   Below is a step by step explanation of the operations and the service provided.  There are 3 main steps in the operations, namely: 

1. Data collection 

ZEROMAX Bet works closely with a number of data providers (, These companies provide odds data for various bookmakers (i.e. betting companies), across a wide variety of sports.

 2. Data aggregation and algorithms 

On its own, the data from the providers is useless and offers no value. ZEROMAX Bet has developed an algorithm to aggregate and scan through all the data to find value (i.e. profit opportunities).  Essentially, the ZEROMAX Bet algorithm scans through all the odds of the bookmakers and compares them against each other.  It just so happens that profit opportunities can be found. This can be done manually by a human but would take a very long time. The ZEROMAX Bet algorithm automates this process and does the job for the user. 

3. Display information to the user 

Once the ZEROMAX Bet algorithm has scanned through all the data, the information is presented in an easy to understand fashion to the user. 

Important! NO gambling/betting is done on the ZEROMAX Bet website. ZEROMAX Bet simply provides information to the user.  

ZEROMAX Bet will be monetised by charging a subscription fee to users who sign up. Primarily, the aim is to target the UK and broader European market. 

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