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To finance completion of a 4 part comedy arthouse robot film . To be broadcast on digital TV and on the internet. Each part is 5 minutes.

by landingpadinfo@gmail.com in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

#breakingnews Brighton's Big Screen Cinema  have confirmed they will Premier Zero 1 in 2017 .... Please share this campaign on FB


What’s makes Zero 1 comedy arthouse movie original?

Zero 1 is a movie based around Matt Whistler trying to make a comedy film from within the confines of an animated Robots head. In Zero1, Matt Whistler attempts to fund his street comedy movie, through selling digital robot artwork.  The entire film blurs the boundaries of fiction and non-fiction. 

Environmentally friendly, recycling and low carbon film :

Zero1 is 90% filmed locally and Matt Whistler's films each comedy scene,  with props he found in Brighton.  So the development of the film is dictated by his next find. A sort of Dice Man of comedy.

Zero 1 is playful, dark and the next generation of addictive film and internet series. The fact that it incorporates reality with non- reality in terms of a documented real journey paralleled with a robotic existence in a robots head, gives Zero 1 the leading edge over other movies.

Tonally, the goal is to create the 21st century facsimile of all the lovable bafoon slapstick greats for example Harold Lloyd, Charlie Chaplin, Toto, Laurel and Hardy .


The 4 part movie

The movie is packed with street comedy, CGI special effects, robotics and multi -persona characters all played by Matt Whistler.   Zero 1 will also surprise us with cameos from Hollywood and Monty Python Director Terry Jones and Troma productions independent god and film director Lloyd Kaufman. 

Here is Lloyd Kaufman after returning from Cannes and visiting Matt Whistler's robot art exhibition in Manhattan.  This clip will appear in Zero 1, when Matt Whistler interacts with Lloyd via the inside of a robots head called YOU GUESSED IT !.... Zero 1.

Here are a couple of film stills from Zero 1 with Monty Python actress Carol Cleveland

Below is an unedited clip of the forthcoming movie Zero 1 with Carol Cleveland . This is a scene where Matt Whistler is travelling from within the confines of robots head Zero 1. 

This is a 3d capture of the animated  ZERO 1,    

See the black circle in the head? That's Matt Whistler's office.

Animation: Mike Lewis 

The interview (below) at Cannes Film Festival is part of the story in Zero 1.  In the movie  Matt Whistler leaves the robots head, packs his bags and hits the Cannes film festival. The Cannes interview is real and is mixed in with MW's life as a filmmaker and digital robot artist via the Head Quarters inside the head of robot Zero 1.  So your getting the idea, the movie is part fiction and part non- fiction. 

Why is Zero 1 a top banana movie ? and more about Matt Whistler ...

As a child Matt Whistler had an obsession with robots and created huge felt tip creations to display on his bedroom walls. His early interest in art combined with the use of flip out cameras and trick photography, were the early signs of a man with the blood of a filmmaker.  There are no independent movies to date that incorporate the life of a digital artist, self styled stuntman and comic actor filmically and Zero 1 is Matt Whistler's biopic and fantastical journey to exhibit his digital BOT art in a robot hotel in Manhattan and support Independant filmmaking at the Cannes film festival. 

Here are a couple of stills from Matt Whistler's Zero 1 robot art exhibition. The Zero 1 robot art exhibitions are in the movie and actually happened, there are future Robot exhibitions planned, WATCH THIS SPACE !  Again this is all centered around life living inside animated robot head Zero 1. Shermental !!


Well we thought we would drop this one in, Harry Hill loved hearing about the film.


NOTE : With the exception of two scenes, all the footage has been filmed.

THATS RIGHT IN THE CAN ! ( well almost)

The £5000 target will pay for:

Editor and art direction 

Music production 

CGI Special effects

ZERO 1 Characters .... a taster 

This bad boy is called AKA Whistles he's Matt Whistler's  right hand guy until the story develops into a bonkers fame off.  AKA features very heavily in Zero 1 is key to the story.

Kaptin AVATAR another Matt Whistler persona who auctioneers pop art in Zero 1

Digital manipulation: Archi Ram  Photo courtesy : Roach photography

During Matt Whistler's FAME OFF with AKA Whistlesin Zero 1 we see MW building his fame with real footage as a TV weatherman on Latest TV in Brighton and executing great robot art exhibitions in London. 

Matt Whistler’s independent filmmaking track record:

Radio West Pier – A short Independent comedy film about two crazy guys broadcasting radio from the seabed in an old shack with cameos from Sci Fi Writer Iian Banks, A- list comedian Bill Bailey and TV and radio star Zoe Ball. Radio West Pier started out as a radio podcast and then successfully made it to freeview digital Channel 7.  It won the hearts of the UK Brighton audience. 


Internet and UK Digital Channel 7

Matt Whistler’s Trip Out – Matt Whistlers Trip Out an Independent comedic stitching of viral youtube CGI shambolism that stretches beyond parody. A hotch potch of Matt Whistler's alter egos, zombies, a Christmas number 1 challenge and naked t-tray sledge in Brighton. With cameos from pop legends The Cheeky Girls. Matt Whistler's Trip Out truly captured the spirit of Independent filmmaking making. 4 years in the making, Matt Whistler directed and produced this film.


Both films aired on Channel 8 Latest TV. Two films in the can, two films shown on TV.

Previous Matt Whistler successes and audience reach :

Matt Whistler as a National TV face ON Rude Tube

An Internet sensation reached over 1 million youtube hits.

In 2010 Matt Whistler was the highest socially networked comedian on the Internet.

Image courtesy of Archie Ram




Zero 1 needs £5000 to finance CGI Special effects and finance the final edit of the film. This will stylise, brand and create epic special effects to give the movie and web series high production values.  Matt Whistler will collaborate on the edit with Convict Films in Brighton who have VR, 360, and full production feature film experience. 


There is also music and film scores to bring to the production bringing epic feature film quality to Zero 1. Based in Haywards Heath, Gav Cantrell with over 10 years music industy experience will compose and oversee music production following the final edit and final film render.


During the editing process digital artist and art curator Archie Ram will oversee the feel and look of the film.

Meeting the funding target will also give Matt Whistler the opportunity to showcase his digital Robot pop art currently available on www.saatchiart.com and create revenue streams to fund future productions. 

Here is an example of Matt Whistler's digital robot art created in Microsoft Paint. 


To distribute as 4 minute episodes on the internet on iMovies and on Matt Whistlers youtube channel. As there is already 20 minutes of content this gives us 4 episodes of Zero 1.

To air on Freeview Channel 8 Brighton and syndicate across the UK

To aim to showcase at cinemas and take to the Cannes festival 

To aim to show at international film festivals

To broadcast at future art shows.


With an experienced crew, celebrity support and strong up and coming actors, we are able to produce a 4 part 5 minute episodes incredibly cheaply. For 5 thousand UK pounds we can deliver a show of televisual standards for a fraction of the normal price. We do this for the experience, for the credits and reel material, and to gain an integral step on the film industry's ladder. You should feel confident investing in our efforts due to the success we need in order to make this venture worthwhile.  


For £5 plus postage you can have this ultra cool Zero 1 movie poster. 


For just £5 you can buy a DVD.  There are also other great incentives and pledge options !  


Or maybe you are a filmaker and you want to but my hilarious, true and insightful book. 101 ways to fund your film.  A PR bible with funny true stories and ongoing analysis of this current movie project Zero1.  


Here is a fine piece of POP ART artwork from Arch Ram.  There are 100 signed Limited edition 50 x 60 cm fine art 320gsm prints available for £100.  Pledge now and enjoy art on your walls.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this 

Happy pledging !!

The production crew

ZERO 1 Created, written and Directed by Matt Whistler 

Film and CGI : Convict films Brighton

Sound /film score www.GavCantrell.com

Art Direction:  Archie Ram 


Here are some links to check out Matt Whistler


Matt Whistler's alter ego : AKA Whistles


Matt Whistler's website


Matt Whistler's robot art work


Zero1 MAD CAP PRODUCTIONS Copyright All rights reserved 2017


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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Credit in the film

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Pledge £1 and get 1 second of fame Your face will appear on an advert in the movie. Buy as many seconds as you like. So £100 will earn you 100 seconds of fame.

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SIGNED Zero 1 movie poster

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A signed DVD of the film.

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SIGNED 101 ways to fund your film A hilarious, true and insightful Matt Whistler journey to funding a film.

£20 or more

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A signed A3 print of AKA Whistles with a tweet of your choice in a speech bubble.

£50 or more

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A 50 x 50 signed art print of AKA and movie still on fine art 320gsm paper. You can choose any movie still by specifying which video and how many seconds / minutes in the youtube video is. View here to select your movie still .... https://www.youtube.com/user/AKAWhistles All other rewards for pledges greater that £50 will automatically receive a copy of this

£100 or more

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£100 Reward

To view art please refer to pledge section at the bottom of the project. Matt Whistler pop art portrait 50 X 60 CM Fine art prints by International artist Archi Ram. Signed limited edition run of 100

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