Earthing Zero Waste Shop C.I.C

by Stephanie Steph in Hereford, England, United Kingdom

Earthing Zero Waste Shop C.I.C
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Earthing C.I.C. - A 100% plastic-free lifestyle store in Hereford, bringing like minded people together in a creative environment.

by Stephanie Steph in Hereford, England, United Kingdom

Photo: "Diver Rich Horner films deluge of waste off Bali - The Guardian"

Plastic Has Taken Over Our Lives.

It is literally e·v·er·y·w·h·e·r·e

We all know by now the negative impact it has on our planet. It has been building up in landfills & chocking the oceans, threatening marine life and often ending up in our plates as microplastics. Moreover, the production and transport of plastic causes carbon emissions which contribute to global warming.

Since we moved to the UK nine months ago, we noticed a major increase in the single-use plastic accumulation in our household. That is when we decided that we need to take action!

What can we do?
Choosing to shop in bulk & avoiding plastic packaged products & single use items we buy from the stores can make a huge difference. This is where a plastic-free store helps people like you make the transition.

What is a plastic-free store?
A plastic-free shop makes a commitment in selling eco-friendly, reusable products which have no negative impact to the environment.

Photo: A sneak peek from our shop front.

Earthing will be offering people a plastic free shopping experience by stocking everyday food essentials like grains/legumes/nuts in food dispensers where you will be able to buy as much as you like therefore avoiding food waste which is an economic & environmental problem.

There is more than that.
We will also be selling cosmetics & household items such as non-plastic toothbrush, plant based scourers, non plastic hairbrush, cleaning liquids refills and more :)

Choosing reusable over single use items makes a massive difference.

Earthing is a community interest company, which means that most of the profit will be used for the benefit of our local community & supporting charities. Community is always in our hearts & we would love to hear your ideas about projects we can fund & support.

Everyone who wants to take their first steps in a zero waste lifestyle will be welcome & we really believe that anyone can make it! It is as simple as bringing in your own container or linen bag & filling it up, or choosing to buy a product that has a zero impact on the environment.

Our space will host a creative, vegan, eco-friendly cafe area where like-minded people will come together to de stress & get inspired while the little ones can safely play in the kids area. 

Photo: A sneak-peek plan from our indoor space.

You might think that one person cannot make a difference, but I assure you that if we all work together towards this goal we can save our planet.

"One person can make a difference and everyone should try"John f. Kennedy

Our promise.
We care about the planet & your well-being too. This is why we promise to stock organic products & support small businesses & locally made products whenever possible. We will never compromise taste or quality & at the same time pursuing & ensuring our planet's wellbeing.

Our vision - Plastic free Hereford 
We have a vision & we will be using our business as the driving force to make this vision a reality. Let's all minimise our plastic waste taking one small step every day.

What will you get for supporting.
We always love to give back to people who have our back :) Click on the "Rewards" tab & you will get info on all the different reward options for each pledge, small or big.

Make sure you share this campaign on your social media, share the love with people you care the most :) 

Everyone who backs this project will have their name written on our gratitude wall :)

Thank you for believing in us & supporting our little-big dream :)

Some Facts To keep in Mind (or share) :

*A single use plastic bag can take up to 1 000 years to degrade

*Around one third of the plastic waste entering the sea is from drink bottles and a ten per cent comes from bags & packaging.

*A report by The Guardian published that one million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute.

* According to Ecowatch the number of plastic bags used worldwide annually ranges between 500 billion and 1 trillion.

Microplastics are polluting our drinking water  - 13 out of 30 million tons of plastic produced globally is eventually released into rivers & oceans. When plastics break down they form tiny particles called microplastics which can potentially harm human health and marine life.

*For every 10% of waste reduction you can avoid 1,200 pounds of CO2e (CO2e stands for carbon dioxide equivalent and is a standard unit for measuring carbon footprints.)


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