Zero Waste Shop

Zero Waste Shop

I am looking to open a new small 'Zero Waste' business within Walton on Thames, in the hopes of inciting change within my local community.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Consumption and waste are now a global issue. It is affecting our daily lives, the air we breath, the water we drink and just about everything we do. It appears to now be 'normal' for shops and manufacturers to prepackage absolutely EVERYTHING, when it is entirely unnecessary nevermind the pollution caused just to make the packaging itself. We then simply throw it out, and it either goes to a recylcing facility or to the landfill where it will sit and rot forever. These plastic materials are destroying our planet, our need to buy products over and over rather than reusing or recycling is crippling us. 

Within my town independent local shops have closed and been put out of business by the 'big' supermarkets. This has taken our choice away, and left us with few alternatives but to buy into the system that is wrecking the planet. So, my goal is to open a small 'Zero Waste' shop, providing locals with fresh, local and organic products that have no waste. Customers can bring in tubs/bottles/bags or use the shops paperbags to fill with produce such as fruit, veg, grains, pulses, pastas even milk or toothpaste!

I am so passionate about this project, I believe if more people shop in this manner it will educate and encourage a much needed change within society overall.