Zero Waste Mansfield

by Pritchard Brianne in Mansfield, England, United Kingdom

Zero Waste Mansfield


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We are a partnership who aim to bring Mansfield District its first Zero Waste shop and become a community hub! But we need your help!

by Pritchard Brianne in Mansfield, England, United Kingdom

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We are now being backed by NatWest BackHerBusiness !! Every pound we raise they will match it !!

What is Zero Waste Mansfield and why are we doing this?

Zero Waste Mansfield are a partnership aiming to open a Zero waste store and coffee shop in Mansfield District. Our aim is to help you to protect the , save money and eat more healthily, all while doing your weekly shop.

Zero Waste Mansfield will be a plastic free shopping experience, no unnecessary plastic packaging, no plastic straws or coffee cup lids, no plastic toothbrushes and razors and definitely no plastic carrier bags! Instead we will offer products that are environmentally friendly and ethically produced, including bamboo toothbrushes, metal straws, reusable takeaway coffee cups and obviously there will be zero plastic packaging. 

What’s on offer at Zero Waste Mansfield?

Our aim at Zero Waste Mansfield is to allow you to purchase most of the things you buy in your weekly shop at the supermarket, without the unnecessary plastic packaging. All our products will be ethically produced and locally sourced, our bakery items will be baked in Nottingham, our dairy products will be sourced to the closest available dairy, we even aim to keep our coffee beans local . Speaking of coffee, Zero Waste Mansfield will also include a zero waste, ethically sourced and environmentally friendly coffee shop. This will also be selling locally produced cupcakes, tray-bakes and brownies along with crisps in home compostable packets and fruit.

Here at Zero Waste Mansfield we understand that people have different budgets and disposable incomes, we also believe that this should not restrict you from taking part in the zero waste lifestyle. On opening we will be stocking both standard products along with a budget range. This range will include pantry staples such as rice, bran flakes and oats, enabling people of all budgets to take advantage of our range whilst still ensuring they are buying good quality, ethically produced and sourced products. We will also be stocking different herbs and spices, specialist dried goods , wet goods including fabric conditioner and washing detergent and toiletries such as shampoo, soaps, hair conditioner, even bamboo toilet roll. 

There will also be items stocked for those with special dietary requirements including vegan friendly, gluten free and cruelty free toiletries too. 

Community Hub

Zero Waste Mansfield is a partnership and we believe the  local community is vitally important to us. With this in mind we are hoping to use our coffee shop space to hold community events and workshops. 

There will be educational, environmental workshops where you will learn how to make your own cleaning products such as fabric conditioner and even dishwasher tablets. All of these workshops and events have a dual purpose to reduce wastage and to create a community spirit and atmosphere. 

Why zero waste?

Like many people, we watched in horror the BBC documentary 'Blue Planet II', and realised that something needed to be done to save our environment. As well as 'War on Plastics' with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.Someone who inspired us said “Mankind’s current reliance on plastic cannot continue without it having a devastating impact on the environment and wildlife, we’ve all seen the terrible pictures of sea life being affected by plastic waste in our oceans. We can all can take steps that make a difference right now. A few small changes made by a whole bunch of people can make a huge impact. We will help you to make these small changes, by offering an ethical alternative to the supermarket giants.  "We do not inherit our world from our ancestors but borrow it from our children!"

Donations and how we’ll use them

There's a significant set up cost to make a shop like this work for the whole community, we won't bore you with all the details but we will need everything from scales to food dispensers and flooring to baby changing. We promise to invest your money wisely in the best equipment for the job, maximising the opportunity for our customers to serve themselves and re-connect with the food we're selling.

Your investment will also help us to purchase all of the lovely stock for the shop floor, sourcing from local growers, bakers and food co-ops. Our orders will be delivered to us in sustainable packaging, ensuring that the shop's landfill waste is minimal.

Our aim is to place orders with companies that offer circular economy when delivering items, his will ensure less plastic wastage and therefore continue our companies vision  to be “Zero Waste and plastic free in Mansfield”

Our rewards

In return for your pledges we have rewards available, from getting your name on our wall of gratitude, to discount on your shopping, to sample boxes and even a lifetime discount for those who feel able to contribute a little bit more. What ever your taste we are sure we have a reward for you!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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A great big thank you!

We thank you for your contribution and willingness to embrace the need to change

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Wall of Gratitude

Be on our wall of gratitude!! Everyone will see your name as we celebrate the people who helped in our adventure!

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10% off your first shop with us !!!

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15% off your first shop!!

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20% you first shop with us!

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A zero waste sample box and discount for life!

THANK YOU! You will receive a zero waste sample box along with a 10% once a month for life !

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