by Phillimon Mulemena in Lusaka, Lusaka, Zambia

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To become one of the leading providers of food during the affected and off-pick season and promote a Zero Hunger community status for all

by Phillimon Mulemena in Lusaka, Lusaka, Zambia

We at General Entertainment for Sports Coordination Limited in conjunction with Pacold Company Limited, wish to intergrate our social business activities with the global efforts by different donors, our local partners, in the fight of Covid 19 by contributing towards the crisis through short term and long term approaches. 

25% of the funding shall be used in the short term emergency approaches  to participate in the fight agains the pandemic by providing community sensitization to create awareness and distribution of sanitary materials to few community members of our impact. 

75% of the total funding shall be used for purchase of more food staffs such as rice and maize and stock enough in readyness to fight the outcome of the crisis which is likely to be hunger due to stoppages of many economic activities. Even if the pandemic shall result in many effects, hunger should be treated as a periority. Offcourse, we now that the result of the current crisis shall be loss of employment, reduced productivity and shortage of goods etc, but our main concern is to get prepared in terms of food security.

One may wonder as to what connection is there between the fight agains the pandemic and the food storage. why we are trying to divide the project into two parts allocating the 25% of the total fund to the fight against coronavirus  and continue by 75% to storage of food for supply in off-pick season, because we know that it is the responsibility of every organisation or individuals to get involved and fight the desease. We are also know that what shall follow after this pandemic is shortage of food since many economic activities are closed down.

The project shall run by General Entertainment for Sports Coordination Limited, an entertainment agency registered for community sensitisation and awareness compaigns. The immediate response to the pandemic shall include community awareness and distribution of protective and sanitary materials. We are currently working with government and other partners in the fight against covid 19 in Zambia. Our participation is also contributing to the expansion of knowledge about covid 19 and increasing levels of adherence.

The company is an activity based, we employ when the needs arise. The fact that we have not been receiving any funds as SMEs, we have only been employing people on short time basis

We shall appreciate for any donations  towards this project proposal.

 The current no of members responsible of running project the projects are 2 directors plus the many team that we shall employ to run the project.

The other organizations had 3 directors and my self. Although it is been left in my hand totally, 

When it comes to running of the project we shall also need implementing partners for a food storage part. 

Investors who are willing to invest in foreign country in the Agriculture, Entertainment, or education are most wel come to invest in our organisation. We are ready to part away with up to 60% shares.

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