Zero Carbon Emission Electricity Power Production

by Alvin Williams in London, England, United Kingdom


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To produce electricity without the use of any fossil fuel and with zero carbon and or any other toxic emissions

by Alvin Williams in London, England, United Kingdom

Over the past 29 years, I have seen the continual and ever-increasing demand for electricity. Because of the use of fossil fuel for the production of this electricity the carbon emission level has gone through the roof, causing great damage to this planet and to our survival in the long run.

Throughout that time I have been trying to think of a way to produce electricity cheaply and without any carbon or toxic emissions.

It was quite difficult but about a year ago I had that light bulb moment and everything came together. Over the last few months, I have been fine-tuning my idea to this point where I believe my system will work.

My zero-carbon/ toxic emission electric production system can be made in a wide range of sizes. Small enough to power electric moto bikes, any size electric cars, vans, lorries, large mining/ construction vehicles & equipment, electric powered farming vehicles, also the electricity needed to power trains, ships & boats. It can replace all fossil fuel burning power stations that are used to produce electricity. 

The application of my electric power production system will be worldwide, it will be earth-changing and good for the planet and mankind. 

My system will reduce the effects of climate change on a global level, this is because it will remove trillions of tons of carbon and toxic emissions from the atmosphere every year. This will reduce global warming and the broader effects it is causing throughout the world, such as unusual weather patterns causing droughts, large scale forest fires, excessive rainfall, floods, landslides, etc. My system will allow the planet to begin to heal itself from all the harm we humans have subjected this earth to over the last two hundred years.

I am now using this platform to try and raise the £8,000 I am told that I will need in order to submit my patent (IP) application.        

Let's make 'Zero Carbon Emission Electricity Power Production' happen

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