!!!Help me build my beauty dream!!! 

by YV Rose Hair and Beauty in Coalville, England, United Kingdom

!!!Help me build my beauty dream!!!


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To expand my solo, mobile business to a warehouse/training facility. Providing a wholesale shop for beauty traders, training and treatments

by YV Rose Hair and Beauty in Coalville, England, United Kingdom

After having my son at a very young age I have worked consistently since he was 2 years old. I have literally worked in every industry you can think of... retail, admin, marketing, caring, hospitality, funeral work, you name it. I’ve done it! I get bored easily and class myself very much of a free spirit, so I like to do things in my own time and question how things work or are constructed. This doesn’t work very well in most positions where managers and the heads above aren’t interested in listening. I left an amazing job when I was 27 to go to university and achieved a degree in Forensic Science. Something I had been wanting to do since I was 11! Whilst at uni, I also worked and trained in Hair Extensions as a side hustle!! I graduated and worked in a scientific lab for 6 months until I realised I wanted to work for myself and do my own thing. I had a lot of hair extensions clients on the side at this point so I did a nail course and decided to make the jump to become self-employed! Hello YV Rose!! I have since added further treatments and my client base is forever growing. I have been approached by various local salons to “rent a chair” or “use their back room” but have always thought against it as I’ve forever wanted to be in my OWN salon if ever I was to go into one.

Recently after having lots of conversations with other local beauty therapists/hairdressers etc it came to my attention that our local wholesalers is pretty drab. It’s hard to get stock off of the shelf and they’re is very little readily available. I have been unable to stop thinking about opening a unit style setting providing stock for various different beauty and hair trades. I would like to incorporate within this a small salon room to continue to provide treatments for my regular clients whilst building business, with the aim to rent it out once growth allows. I also would like additional space within to hold training classes. Having looked into what I need to teach my trades it isn’t a hugely expensive course for me to complete aswell as the cost to become an accredited tutor. All in all I would love to have the funds to be able to make this dream a reality but as a single mother of a teenage boy, self-employed and a low credit score I am finding hurdles in every direction I turn! 


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