Yusaf's Life-Saving Surgery

Yusaf's Life-Saving Surgery

Please help us pay for Yusaf's Life-Saving Surgery - a tragic teen victim of the Yemen War.

We did it!

On 21st Jun 2017 we successfully raised £885 with 38 supporters in 56 days

Please help up with our desperate plea.

Our Friends Son - Yusaf Galal  just 19 years old is a victim of the Yemen War.

He lost his leg, we don't want him to lose his life.

He is managing well without his leg, but he suffered several internal injuries too and needs life-saving surgery so that he can grow up to be the amazing man that he deserves.

The surgery he needs is not available in war-torn Yemen, but it is available in the neighbouring countries of Saudi Arabia or Jordan.

His family have spent every penny that they have, and have sold everything to pay for the surgery he has had so far.

We want to raise enough money so that he can travel to Jordon or Saudi Arabia to have his life-saving surgery. 

We want Yusaf to live. 

The Yemen war has taken so many lives already, please don't let Yusaf's life be stolen away too.

Please donate whatever you can afford - no donation is too small.

We are eternally grateful for your help - thank you 

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