Yurt and sustainable living solutions

Yurt and sustainable living solutions

We are looking to build cheap sustainable living in the form yurt housing structure as seen in the picture. We will also offer solar energy

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi all, and welcome to a potential dream come true. Myself and a partner are looking at starting a company that wish to build cheap and sustainable living in the form of the ancient and still used art of yurt structure, as seen in the above picture. With the world and daily living getting more and more expensive by the day, many wonder how they can keep up payments, and even more simply cant continue paying their extortionate bills. We look to eradicate the problem by building extremely cheap housing solutions, with renewable energy and free water collection solutions, as well as organic food solutions for those with the space. 

For now our yurts start at 15ft in diameter which is a considerable living space, and can also be used as a temporary living space, they are very portable. In the future we wish to begin building to measure for those looking for a more extravagent and larger living space, some times adding multiple yurt structures together. the yurts are insulated, and a heavy marine canvas is used to line the yurts meaning they are considerably warm, and we also offer heating solutions for cooking and heating. 

We have modelled the structure we wish to use and will simply scale up with the funds, and would then have access to the tools and company property in which to build the yurts to the highest of quality.

We are continuing market research to lower the cost of each yurt, which in turn will lower the retail price. We are really working on getting the price as low as possible during this time, and if we get the funds we need we will immediately begin building and searching for a company property. 

If we reach our target we hereby pledge to build and donate 2 yurts to those struggling with living, Im sure britain's struggling and/or homeless, would be extremely happy to recieve a home and it is all part of our ''giving back'' to the country.

We will also work on getting one of our yurts to any larger pledgers, so now is your chance to get an extremely cheap yurt for your garden, a truly beautiful structure (over £750)

On behalf of myself, my partner, the company and those we are able to help, we wish to thank everyone that has involvement in the funding of this project, together we can make a more affordable, more sustainable world with the technologies we have access too.